2013 lhp

Appreciate your feedback.

I think your mechanics look pretty good. The one thing that stands out for me is your arm action. It looks like your all shoulder. You look very stiff in your elbow. At the end it even looks like your stopping your arm.

I thinks this looks darn good. If you have any tightness in your arm just drop it from your glove hand straight down to your butt and freeze . Have someone with you that has a good eye for an opinion . If it is tight just keep working on this until it gets loose. I have had a lot of kids where I would have said they were loose and the opposite was the case.

Ah-HA! Here’s another one who doesn’t know about “The Secret”. Well, let me share it with you. This is something I learned a long time ago when I was really getting into pitching.
As a kid I went to the original Yankee Stadium every chance I got, and I watched the pitchers in particular—and I saw that the legendary Big Three rotation was doing this: they were all driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, this generating more power behind their pitches—throwing harder and faster with less effort. Because the arm and shoulder were just going along for the ride, a lot of pressure was taken off—not a sore arm, or a sore shoulder, or a sore anything else in the bunch! I picked up on this, made a note of it, started working on it on my own—and as I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was doing the same thing that Messrs. Raschi, Reynolds and Lopat were doing. Throwing harder with less effort. And my natural sidearm delivery had more snap and sizzle to it.
Another thing: do some throwing every day. My wise and wonderful pitching coach, who was a member of that rotation, told me that I should throw every day, whether it be just playing catch for fifteen minutes or so or doing a bullpen session for the purpose of working on some aspect of mechanics or another pitch. This is one of the best ways to keep the arm loose and flexible, thus avoiding injury, and when you do this you don’t have to stop your arm motion the way you’ve been doing. You can follow through easily—and effortlessly. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

I actually think you look better than most I have seen on this site. In fact, it appears as though you use your legs very well. Notice how you stay sideways with your front foot until you get to nearly full back leg extension, then the front foot goes down - that is how you do it! You lead with your hips really well and you move explosively - that’s how to build good momentum!

My only criticisms are:

  1. You have a tad of a leg swing and you land just a bit closed off considering you are starting way off to the right side of the rubber. However, you do land well with a good bracing action.

  2. You have a very low elbow at the high cocked position - not a terrible thing but it is probably due to a slight timing problem; you do get your arm up just a tad too early - try breaking your hands even later than you currently do. Just hold on to the ball in the glove as you begin to travel down the mound - you could do this just by breaking your hands a little lower (down by your belly button).

  3. The deceleration of your arm after release is taking place to the left of your landing leg. Work on getting your hand/arm to the right of your landing leg so you can continue your arm path past your knee.

Otherwise, there is a lot to like here… good work!

Thanks for the feedback. He’s just coming off of wrestling season and getting back to more regular throwing/bullpens. I agree with your assessment and areas to focus on as the season approaches. I’ll post another video in a month or so and see if there has been improvement.

Thanks again for taking the time to help.

Great bottom half, but throws with leading elbow. Hurts looking at it in slow mo. I would also think the guy plays first base also by his throwing motion. Short and compact. Stay 100% away from any high cock/ flat ground drills. Find a way to stretch it out and pitch with a longer throwing motion. This will help down angle and get him throwing out front better, which will help minor finish flaw w/ glove hand. Hard to repeat offspead stuff with this type of current throwing motion. Love the bottom half and shoulder tilt. Has power mechanics except the throwing part imo.