2011 MLB Prospect - Please Leave Feedback

FB: 91-96
Class of: 2011 Asbury University

Comments much appreciated. Thanks. God Bless: Isaiah 53:3-5

looks good, back foot might be off the ground a little early but your arms up in time and it looks like you have good hip/shoulder separation.

Appreciate the feedback pitcherman95

I don’t feel the same way, I like the fact that you get your foot off like you do, the less your foot drags the more quick rotation you can get, have you tried to increase your stride to get closer to the plate prior to release?

well the back foot should drag, it generally will drag because of long stride, ex:lincecum, chapman. and if you throw after it lifts its like throwing off of one foot, you dont have as much power,

ive seen mechanical analysizers (might be a word:p) that attribute this to have caused curt shillings shoulder problems.

but i dont think that the back foot dragging should inhibit rotation at all, lincecum and koufax drug but had the best separation ever,

but its controversal so you could take it with a grain of salt until something else about it pops up

youre separation is very good tho, and if youre being looked at i would stick with what youre doing unless told otherwise by a proffesional or if you have an injury that you cant explain

I don’t believe that the focus should be on dragging or not dragging the foot, this is an issue as to the timing of when the front foot strikes the ground and the back foot leaves the ground. Many pitchers drag to foot due to collapsing of the supporting leg and this is the wrong way to drag, that is why I would suggest stretching out the stride a bit to get closer to home prior to release, if this creates a situation where he drags his foot at that point then very good but if he continues to pick his foot up straight then that works for me. Watch John Danks, Buehrle or Sabathia, these guys feet pretty much pick straight up from the rubber.

Not that it’s right or wrong, just I think changing a motion to lift the foot later isn’t the right reason to leave it on the ground longer, there are many pitchers that do drag their foot and many that don’t.

Thanks guys appreciate it. And you all are right, my stride should have been longer, it ususally is. That probably explains why I was only 92-93 this day and not 96. Appreciate the feedback very much. Thanks

Hey Gardner, what division is Asbury University?

Polar Bears SP,

Hey Asbury is a small NAIA Christian School located in KY.

O. So what round do you think you are going?

Polar Bears SP,

I have no idea friend. I have a twin brother who is getting looked at as well. We just jumped onto the screens of scouts this past year after we had good performances at a predraft workout, which, (anybody can go to by the way). The Braves, or so we’ve been told, might try to sign us after this semester but I doubt that. Nobody really knows what pick and round they are going to get drafted. But if I had to guess I’d say I’m looking at the third day and last day of the draft which are rounds 30-50. I’m an undersized right hander from a small school. If I have a good spring season then maybe I’ll move up on some draft boards so we will see. Only time will tell and if it’s God’s wil then so be it.

Ahh, “projectability.” I wonder if there are any successful undersized RHP that throw in the low 90’s doing well in the majors…


Good luck.


haha very great example, I’ve watched his delivery a lot. Undersized pitchers can learn a great deal from one another.

Ahh, ok. Well good luck with the draft and your upcoming season! I’ll be looking for you.

Polar Bears SP,

Thank you very much friend, I greatly appreciate it.

Here’s the deal with the back foot dragging or not…

Use the lack of a back foot drag line as and indicator that something else might be an issue. For example, unstable posture can cause the back foot to lift early. So, if the back foot doesn’t drag, check those things that can cause the back foot to lift and which are undesirable. If you find something, then work on it. Otherwise, move on.

I’m wondering if there could be some improvement in the glove to allow slightly later shoulder rotation. But note that if you start changing this you will be tinkering with your timing so make small, incremental adjustments.


Thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated.

Dang you got a cannon! What other pitches do you throw?

The UnDiscovered,

Thanks friend, it took alot of work and Im nowhere near down. I also throw a slider and chageup.

I’m sure you know this but if you’re currently throwing for scouts/teams, now is probably not a good time to be tinkering with mechanics/timing- especially if you in the 90’s.

I hope you’ll keep us posted as to how things work out for you.