2008 ncaa season log

Hey hows everyone… its been a while since I have been on here. I started a log a while back on my tuff cuff progress but never finsihed posting on the log. I did however finish my first go around with tuff cuff (all 5 phases) and do see alot of improvements with my speed. For those still wondering about tuff cuff, the book doesnt do all… for those looking to take pitching further, should also have a knowledgeable pitching coach on hand from your team or a clinic… lucky for me i have one on my team that played AAA ball for the dodgers. i am 20 years old, and attend kingsborough college in brooklyn ny. i am 6 feet, and put on some healthy weight going from 175 to 188. i am also developing all around… stronger legs bigger back and chest, foramrs are also getting stronger. last year before i started tuff cuff i was throwing my fast ball from 82 - 85 and at my first START i topped out at 90 but staying from 84- 86 mph duing the game. so far so good… so ill keep you posted with my stats through the last year of my season with this school.

First game of the season and we won 8 - 1.
i got the start and here were my lines

6 IP
9 K’S
3 BB

  • i felt great through out the whole game. working on something a little different this season that my pitching coach noticed from offseason scrimmages. he noticed that the first batter i face i always get the first pitch for a strike with a fastball or curve … but i seemed to fall even or behind in the count easly. he then told me to think of every pitch as if its the fist pitch to the batter. in order to do that i slow down the game. after a pitch i take A little more time to get ready for the next pitch. alot of coaches say i should get the ball back and get on the rubber ready to fire … but i think my coach is right. many players in the league are use to a pitcher getting the ball back and fireing it back in. making them wait is something they are not really use to so it makes them think more as a batter and i have more control of the game… hey … its my game so i play as slow as i want to.

pitching wise everything was working… fastball low and a way freezing 4 of the 9 strike outs looking, changeup following a few fastballs, and my slider was sharp. i was more focused on having the slider start at the batter then breaking low over the plate rather than haveing the slider start in the middle of the zone breaking low and away out of the strike zone because with this team i felt that with a sharp slider coming at them looking like a fastall will have them buckel or feel uncomfortable for a split second and once they see the ball break towards the plate that split second of unsureness made all the difference in a ground ball or a strike out.

84 pitches thrown in 6 innings to get the first win pretty good for me … coach, the team and i am happy with the results.

well were 4-1 right now, we took the rest of the series against bmcc. and lost our first game agaist suffolk college.
my next start was a disaster. not just from me, but us as a team.
we went out to long island for game 2 against suffolk college and the bus trip out there was a mess with the traffic. after my warm ups we were ready to go…


3 IP
3 ER
3 BB
5 K’S

  • yeah that looks pretty bad… it still bothers me when i see that posted on the site. but it was a bad all around day for us as a team. now your looking at my innings pitched and it says 3… yeah that right three! … im so pissed… but theres a reason lol.
    1st inning i get out of it with 3k’s
    2nd inning i give up a walk to lead off the inning … next batter 2-2 count… fastball low and away… then BAM! OH GOD THE PAIN AND HORROR… a line drive hit at least 130mph back at me. the first reaction is cover my face… then in a split second i notice the ball isnt going towards my face… but right towards my rib. THANK GOD i was in the fielding position… so the glove that was at my face moves down to try to catch the ball. but the ball was hit so hard i couldnt get it down in time so the ball hit the lower palm of my catching hand… with the ball in play and my hand is ringing as if i hit the ball off the end of the bat but 100x the ring and pain i had to pick it up and get the runner out at first… after the out was made im tossing my glove and holding my hand. it took 20 min. (really 20 min) for the ring to stop… after that my glove hand when its put up when im ready to pitch caused so much pain… gave up more hits and a few walks.
    3rd inning i put some ice on the hand while we were up but it was a quick inning… 3 up 3 down and we were back in the field… i felt fine … so i thought i got the first 2 out on strikeouts and that was it… i looked at my hand it was blue yellow and black … my hand swelled up like a balloon … trying to finish the inning with errors made, thats why my line looks the way it does. (this is also why im posting these now because my had had to heal.)

verry dissapointed in the start… but hey… seasons early and i know ill get my shot again…

the series didnt go well agaisnt the other suffolk team … so now our record is 4-4

its been 4 days since my hand injury … its not 100% but im able to close my glove to catch the ball with little pain… im suppose to start on friday but my coach wanted me to go in relief just to tune up on tuesday.


1 IP
1 K
0 ER

yeah just one inning… to keep my arm sharp… only threw 15 pitches in the inning… just worked with my fastball/changeup combo. not bad…

anyway this was all posted in 1 day but my next start is on friday… so wish me luck … any tips or comments let me know … im on everyday reading posts etc… everyone else enjoy your season … and work hard

Congrats man,

Looks like your seeing the fruits of your labor from the get-go.

It’s really great to have college guys doing logs, cause well most guys, including myself are HS and just trying to reach the level you are already at.

I look forward to following your log

Good luck this season!

awesome log, man! I’ll follow it throughout the season. Best of luck!

Hey everyone…
just got back home from my game today friday march 28th against suffolk. i got the start today to help stop or loosing streek … my arm felt the best it has all season and i was 100% loose and flexable … game starts first pitch fastball 91mph… felt like a good game was going to go on… 2nd pitch strike … 3rd pitch ball… 4th ball … 5th ball … 6 ballfour… ok i shake that off… next batter… lets seee if he is ready… stike 1 … strike 2 … ball ball ball ball … ok something must be wrong… third batter… lets try and fix this now… strike strike … ball ball ball ball … bases loaded… but managed to get out of that inning with one run … the my fastball is exploding out of my hand like crazy … but there is to much movement on the fastball i was told… take some off work ahead and stay ahead… next inning … i forget the 2seamer … strike one … strike 2… ball ball ball ball … now im flipping out… (in my head of course) and im more mad because no one is smelling my fastball so no one is swinging their way on base…
im not an excuse type of guy but i didnt have my catcher cathing today and i was unaware of that until the start of the game … messed me up alittle in my head but still no excuse not to throw strikes… any way … after 103 pitches in the 4th inning i didnt go out to start the 5th … better believe it … i was mad . that im ahead 0-2 to almost every batter then walk them … n it didnt happen once or twice but NINE TIMES!! . NINE walks!! NINE … well with 9 walks you know we didnt wind up winning … game tomorrow… and practice monday … i gota hit the drawing board…


4 IP
3 K’s
9 BB
7 ER

  • well that kills my era. herres another crazy thing … i threw 103 pitches in 4 innings… but my arm felt amazing … by the 80th pitch i was hitting 89… and the final fastball of the game i hit 90 …

just one of those games where everything works just the movement on the fastball was just out of my control. o well … plenty of baseball left

heyy guys…
another off day… game today was rained out … just to keep yous posted heres my schedule for the rest of the week

wed: pitchers fielding practice
thurs: game (the bronx)
friday game (the bronx) start
saturday game (home)
saturday: game (home)
sunday: off

be back soon