2007 preseason pitching video

well, here you guys go, have fun dm roger chris and others… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKYSXB0-Y-w

I remember once someone wrote – in response to your frame by frame pics – that you your arm-action was “lazy” … and I never could get the guy to explain what he meant.

I forget who it was who said that … but does his arm-action still look “lazy” (whatever that might mean) to anyone?

Looks solid.

Good arm action. Good timing.

The only thing I would put some work into is finishing in a better fielding position; with your glove closer to your GS pec. Right now, you finish with your glove behind you (behind your GS hip), which means you’re screwed on a come-backer. If you get better at this, then you’ll be both safer and a better fielder.

I know these were just practice throws, but you need to work on these kinds of things on every throw to build up the muscle memory.


His arm action is great.