2007 highschool season

My first game this year we played a varsity game against anson and i pitched 6 innings, i had 7 runs (only 2 earned, the errors killed me :evil: ) i had 8 strike outs and im not completely sure on hits, i walked 2 and hit 1, but we lost :oops:

My second game our varsity played merkel and i pitched 7 innings, 8 runs (only 3 were earned, we had 9 errors :evil: ) i had 5 strikeouts and didnt walk or hit nobody, but we lost :oops:

Ive got 5 pitches, 4 seam, 2 seam(my main), curve, 12-6 curve and slider. Im 5’10 141 pound lefty and i throw 76 mph on average(is that good?)

Oh yeah i forgot to put in there im a sophmore

ugh, those errors will kill ya.

I pitched again today, not too good, we lost, i had 5ks, 3 walks, 7IP. We had 7 errors, irritaded my elbow again, out for season pitching wise.