20 years old LHP


I’m a left hand pitcher 5’11’’ 170 lbs I really dont know how hard do i throw. But i know i have some mechanical errors.

  1. Start with feet closer together.
  2. Lead with hip. Look up “Hershiser Drill”.


thank you. My coach says my arm action is too long and i need to fix it or i’ll have shoulder problems. Is that true?
How do i lead with the hip?


Read all of my #2 for how to lead with hip. I would do my #1 and #2 and see if and how that affects your arm action. What I do see is you point the ball to 2nd Base/Center Field, which is a common teaching cue, but has been associated with late timing and arm injuries. The ball should be facing 1st Base (3rd Base for RHP).


I agree with South paw … pointing your throwing hand toward 2nd/centerfield will lead to interior-shoulder rotation delay and supination of the thumb/wrist action which can damage the epicondyle (ligament of the inner-elbow region)… also leading with your hip is basically sticking your butt-out toward the catcher just before you begin your stride coming out of the knee lift…


Lefty, I noticed a few things:

  1. Your arm separation was a bit slow. You want to form almost like a letter T and standing on one (your left) foot. Your pitching arm should be 90 degree to your shoulder with ball towards the back. When you turn your torso around with your shoulder, the ball will be at the “height” of your release.
  2. Your glove should be “tucked in” towards your chest after your release.
  3. I saw you finished the pitch with shoulder/chest pointed UP, they should be DOWN and this would help with the velocity and downward movement.

Good luck and keep practicing.



Thanks for your advices, i really appreciate them, what kind of drills should i do?
I noticed my front foot lands to third base, is this a mistake?


Lefty, you can google the drills online, there are tons of them. You just need to find the ones that work for you!!!

I actually like your “finish” with the foot over because you were generating transfer power from your back/body and not just pitching with your upper body.




Thank you guys, i’ll post my progress in a short time.