20 years old LHP in Game


My videos before were about my pitching bullpen
But this was on game today
I came with bases loaded and 1 out and i pitch for two flyouts
Then in the next inning, i received 1 hit and one flyball and a grondout and a texas league hit.
Then they took me out of the game.

This is my first time with my new mechanics, i’m trying to coordinate them but i cant make it faster at this time. I guess i need some practice and weekday training. I see myself slow.

This is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSF6AnOPV6o


the first and third pitches are very close to a balk …gotta come to a discernable stop and not just change directions with your hands. I’d probably balk you once just to get you thinking about it so I wouldn’t have to watch you so closely for the entire game.


Thank you, i’m currently working on making a stop when im pitching from the stretch, im also working on my pickoff because my right feet is somewhere between 1st and home plate when i try to pickoff. But my biggest issue is that i’m continue to dragging my arm and pushing the ball. This is weird because when im throwing long toss i dont do it. But this arm drag is messing my outings. ;( I tend to keep the ball high and away and with no strength at all.


Yeah your arm is late to get cocked, so your lower half gets rid if its energy but your shoulder is not ready to accept it, so all of your speed is from your arm. You have get cocked at foot strike and before hip rotation to get into proper sequencing.