20 LHP juco pitcher

hey guys been awhile since ive posted here ive been on a journey

heres a couple months ago throwing 87

throwing 81-84 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6qJg-yxlP8

found a place to make this juco team here in miami… throwing real well this summer but still sttruggling with velo… got my diet on check and trying to consume all kinds of things and water to stay healthy my strength is still good in the weightroom still going for next level

coach said i need to accelerate through my release better… also drive “cleaner” and more in sync with my body



It looks to me like you take your intensity level down a quite a bit in game situations compared to the bullpen. Any reason why?

Are you saying that 81-84 as a lefty isn’t nearly fast enough? I think that even though you might definately have more in you, if you have great control, working the mph up 2-3 more will not take much.

Even if you are a lefty 81-84 mph isn’t going to take you very far…

By intensity level, i also meant tempo and just overall intent to throw the ball as hard as possible. It’s okay to back off sometimes if you need a strike, but IMO you should be throwing close to 100 percent effort.

And i am saying this from my experience. All through my early years of baseball i have been told “just throw strikes” and “hit the mitt”. Now i am having major control issues and am behind, at least by my standards, in velocity. In order to throw hard, you have to throw hard. Sounds simple but many pitchers don’t do it.

Also we need to know what your goals are as a pitcher, and what level you want to make it to.

i am going for d-1-2 school so i can get my backup finalized then idk i dont really think to much in the future because it doesnt help the present

the good news is i feel great after every outing (3-6 inn) due to my routines, though i can see where the intensity is lacking in game vs bullpen

i guess subconc i worry of command throwing 100%? i guess ill have to let it fly a couple of pitches in the pen to make sure i can control the effort

i think increasing my tempo from leglift to finish will help put more energy into the ball? heres a video of throwing in a game in april 83-87
the one after is a bullpen later on 81 top

I downloaded your video so that i could go through it frame by frame in Virtual Dub. I counted around 21-23 frames from peak leg lift to release, so i don’t think speeding it up would produce the desired result.

What i did see is that you have a quite a bit of shoulder tilt at ball release, and yet a fairly low arm slot. The amount of shoulder tilt you have should allow for a higher arm slot.

Another thing i see is that it looks like you are muscling up to throw the ball. Perhaps you have the intent to throw hard, but it is being misplaced. Look up some video of Trevor Bauer. It looks to me like you have some of the same things going on, but he is doing them more efficiently. I would suggest that you download V-Dub so that you can compare yourself to him. Look especially close at the last 5 frames before release.

These are not really concrete suggestions, just some things to get you thinking. There are a few more things i “see”, but will save for later.

He’s a lefty throwing min 81, you will get looks but work on getting that 2-5 mph more. You might not be a D1 talent guy but don’t discount D2 and 3 schools and even JUCO’s. You will find a place to go to school and play ball.

thats good to hear i will try and get v dub if it doesnt cost so much

21-23 frames is good speed? i do feel like energy is misplaced and also i can be much more loose on my throws like when i was 87 vs now?

thanks alot guys i really have a good base of pitching as a whole so any insight i take seriously

i also think maybe shortening my stride simply by getting my front foot down earlier to make better energy from backleg to fingers?

i look at my film and it looks like when i push im not landing so i deaccelerated because i havent stopped to transfer into core/shoulders?

btw- DL’d vdub but doesnt play mpeg files?

You have to get an AVI converter. I use “Leawo AVI Converter” which is free. I know its a pain to get all of this, but you really can’t see the smaller differences on youtube.

That was one of the other things i “saw”. Firm up the front leg. After foot plant your knee is drifting forwards and thus you are leaking energy. I am curious to see the differences you notice between you and bauer…

if u believe in what ur sayin then ill definetly work on getting this video program fixed

i feel on the verge of being at that level i was back in april its just delicate and youre right only the right frames can see the little movements

after whole bunch of dl i got it to work and upload video, but im stumped how to split the screen for 2 video and lock it

As far as i know there isn’t a way to make side by sides in V-Dub. Instead, just open up two different viewing windows. Open one with your video and the other with whoever you are comparing/looking at. Its not as convienient, but still works.

"A collapsing back leg will keep the back hip low and may cause the elbow to be low as well since there is nothing holding the pitcher up so he can throw up and over his front leg. Collapsing back legs kill velocity. Many are simply just functionally weak and until they get their bodies more functionally stronger they will be stuck at whatever velocity they are right now. You cannot get functionally stronger in the weight room by doing squats, leg press, leg curl or extensions. If you collapse the back leg and cannot brace up the front leg, you are probably losing at least 7 mph or more likely 10 mph. Fix the foundation first and then you will know how the arm works. "

i wonder why i have this bad habit in my back leg? my overall strength is ok (DL 285-345) and flexibility is really good so im stumped it has to be a faulty pattern and its robbing me fucking hard

Watch C.C. Sabathia closely the next time he pitches, and take particular note of how he stays closed right up until the time he releases the ball. This is what gives him that explosive power, especially when he throws his hard slider. I saw him in his last three starts, and I was absolutely stunned by the electricity he generates in his pitching (he just won his fourteenth game). If you can do this, videotape him and slow it down so you can see just how he does this. It should help. 8)

thank you zita i will

also i think not muscling up and staying close a bit… i have to work on extending to the catcher… push body away from foot