2 younger kids at my club

Had no other views than these sadly

any opinions?

The first kid…watch his posture. He’s really dropping down and flexing his trunk to the 3rd base side early and he appears to be too low with his lower body through the stride. No energy generation at all with the lower half. I would like to see full speed to confirm this, but I’m sure you can tell that yourself.

The second one has some mad counter rotation of his front hip. From this angle it seems that his back is toward home plate at the top of his lift. All his lift energy is going backward instead of forward, so when he has to eventually change direction to get going toward the plate, he’s nullifying all that potential energy from the lift. Not to mention that can’t be fun for his pivot knee.

After his first step back to start the delivery, simply have him step into a lift that keeps that front hip forward without rotating his hip clockwise.

Thanks for your time and comment paul!
I will talk to them about it when they will be at practice again!

Ill post and update later if I think they have improved a little:)

These youngsters will probably be joining either my or the second team of my club. And since they never ever had any type of real pitching practice i wanted to start working with them to atleast give them some basics

I’m with Coach Paul about the second guy, get him moving towards the plate first and tweak some things and I think he could a big suprise.

The first kid looks decent but again as Coach Paul says he’s droping early and loosing his lower half.

How’s your season going Rodriguez?

I’m going to be sending you a PM look for it my friend.

Second guy already throws hard. I already told him to hips first, bigger stride. he has potential to be a proper pitcher. the skinnier guy i dont know… We ’ ll see cuz its gonna take some hard work…

About my season, Pretty good so far id say
26 IP with an ERA of 2,424. 29 K’s 17 BB’s

Control of still off from time to time as u can see (including some umpires still)
But overall doing the job pretty ok.

Also, this year 7 games so far, won 7 , 6 off wich were knockouts 7 innings :slight_smile:

Got a new one from me. Watch my front foot compared to a year back or so. Any advice is welcome as always :slight_smile:

Note: I noticed my front leg bending to much again, this might be due to the fact that i havent had any workout for 2 or 3 months or so. It was less when i was lifting