2-seamer vs 4-seamer

I was taught from a young age to throw a 2-seam fastball. Is there any real difference in speed between the 2 seamer and 4 seamer?

I’ve thrown the 2seamer to the point where the 4 seamer feels akward to throw, so I have avoided throwing it. Have i robbed myself of speed doing this?

You can’t name a single Major League pitcher who did not throw a 4-seam fastball. Therefore, you NEED to learn it. FYI, a 2-seamer is 3-4 MPH slower. By the way, does your 2-seamer have movement? If it doesn’t, you really need to learn a 4-seamer. :slight_smile:

Tons and tons of movement lol

You often see pitchers throwing a 2-seamer inside the hitter or up in the zone while throwing a 4-seamer down and away :wink:
Therefor you should learn them both! :stuck_out_tongue:

The 4 seamer is not only 2-3 mph faster, it appears faster to the hitter and is more difficult to see because the hitter sees only the white of the ball due to the rotation. However, it typically does have less movement. Now, that’s a good thing if you need to throw a strike. 2 seamers are great to throw with 2 strikes and when you want to induce a ground ball due to its movement. It is easier for the hitter to visualize because they can see the seams as it comes at them but the increased movement and the ball low in the zone makes it a great pitch as well. Bottom line: throw them both and mix them up often.

every single pitcher throws both. the two seamer if forgroundouts