2 seamer tailing in (Maddux, Lowe)

I would LOVE, as a righty, to be able to get my two seamer to tail in to right handed hitters … the way Maddux can start his off the plate and have it run back over the outside corner is a beautiful thing … Anyone remember that 2 seamer Derek Lowe threw in '03 to win that series against the As in the last inning of the last game, completely froze the lefty batter the way it broke over the plate after seeiming like it would hit him …

Unfortunately my normal 2 seamer doesn’t act this way, I chalk it up to my small(ish) fingers …

anyone ever experiment with loading up on one side of the seams for the 2 seamer… or maybe positioning the thumb a certain way??

I guess this also applies for sinker grips…

To start, try moving the thumb up the side of the ball. This typically will add more arm side run to the ball. You will probably find this grip harder to control at first also, so take your time and throw it more than just a few times. Start by moving up just a bit, and then keep going. You might want to just play catch at first and tell your partner what you are working on and ask for his feedback.

Also, you will need good direction into the plate. If you have this, the pitch should come with work. You can try to overload one side of the ball with finger pressure as well and see what results you get.

Good luck.

The movement you are describing sounds like the movement of a cut fastball. It is cut in the sense that it is thrown slightly off-center, which causes it to spin on an axis that is slightly tilted off the horizontal. This causes it to move horizontally.

The key finger for any fastball is the middle finger, since that is the finger that the ball last touches as it leaves the hand. To try to get the ball to cut (to move slightly horizontally), grip it with your middle finger to the right or to the left of where you would usually put it.

However, you should be careful when throwing a cut fastball because it can cause the forearm to supinate which can create elbow problems.

He’s not trying to throw a cutter. He’s trying to throw a tailing sinker.

Coach DeLunas gave some good suggestions.

The other thing you can try is moving your middle finger more toward the center of the ball. Middle finger and index finger closer together instead of wider apart.

Are you gripping the ball across two seams or with two seams? Typically it will work better if you ‘hook’ the seam with the tip of the finger across the seam rather than along the seam.

Yes, but the tail (horizontal movement) comes from cutting the ball (throwing it off-center).

true, but you actually get more movement on a 2 seemer if you pronate extra, where as if you supinate you are reversing the intended movement

yeah, I was thinking about hooking the seams… I’ll try that … along with the thumb … thanks…

the cutter, as far as I understand, moves the opposite direction (in to a lefty) that I’m trying to throw…

will putting alittle more pressure on the ball with your pointer fingure make it tail more

im pretty sure it also has to do alot with arm slots…eg a sidearm will get alot more movement than a high 3/4.
Coach DeLunas is on the money with his comment, just experiment with grips and pressure and see what works best for you.