2 seam troubles

I am a sophmore in highschool now and just finished our varsity season. Last year my velocity was in the mid to high 60’s. I had a lot of movement on my 2 and 4 seams. This year i got throwing in the mid to high 70’s and the movement on my 4 seam is gone but that doesnt bother as much but my 2 seam has little to no movement. I throw mostly right over the top and when i grip the ball i run my index finger up the left seam about an inch. What can i do to fix this problem?

just keep experimenting with different grips and finger pressures

The four seam isnt supposed to move, and if if does it is most likely strong winds. The four seam is just a straight down pitch, unless you throw slow it kinda loops, much like a lob. The two seam however, you might need to adjust your finger position. Put your fingers more on the seams, or try putting them less on the seam. And one tip, dont try throwing your hardest, relax your wrsit. These two things will help you throw more strikes, and believe it or not, you will get more movement. I used to try whiiping the ball, and when I threw a curve there was no movement. So I relaxed myself, and my wrist, and slowed down how hard I throw, now I can throw just about every pitch was pretty amazing movement.

Experiment with gripping the 2 seamer wider and closer to find what will help the ball move for you. 4 Seamer…shouldn’t move, should be a straighter pitch and thrown more for location vs the 2 seam.