2 seam question

I’m a Righty and when i throw a 2seam fb it doesnt break in on righties, it only has a sinking motion, so i was wondering if anyone can tell me why or how to fix it

it may have to do with how your holding the 2 seams
for me if my fingers are together and not on the seams but between them it will sink, if i want it to run in i place my middle finger on a seam. as i throw the ball that finger is the last to touch the ball giving it a spin to go down and away

Both my fingers are on the seams so maybe if i want it to break inside on righties i should put my middle finger inside the seam and index on the seam?

How old are you and what is your height and weight?

You probably aren’t throwing fast enough and gravity is making it drop like a sinker.

18 6’1 and 160lbs

If you are able to control it, a sinking fastball can be a great asset! You don’t want a fastball that cuts in to a right and stays on the same plane because you will tend t hit barrels, being in your situation I would love that pitch because you are going to get a lot of people to roll over the ball and just punch it straight into the ground.

“18 6’1 and 160lbs”

Yep I’d say old and big enough to make it move :smiley: but eat a steak would ya? You could likely use an extra 10 lbs imo, Mr. Glavine is right, it’s finger and seam manipulation, “feel”. Rtusk is right also you don’t want to stay on the same plane if you can get away from it. A cutter has it’s place though, start it outside third and let it fall out of the zone and you’ll get some folks casting for ground outs to short. Pronating is, in conjunction with finger/seam manipulation, the best way to work a sinker for movement and action imo, Zambrano and Maddux do that and I don’t think you’ll find better major league sinkers than those two (With respect to the Webb and a couple of others).
One thing I notice about our sinker/cutter discussions is that those who ask are generally older guys (!6-21) and think that is because of what xv implied, these are finer point pitches, not really something you’ll see 12, 13, 14 yr olds working on typically. My son and I started talking these pitches when he was 16 and able to throw the fb for a strike at will…I’ve found this to be about the average time and age.

RTusk! 8) good to see you posting…How was your season? My son played a team out of Southern Indiana proported to be the best you guys had to offer for 18u at the National Wood bat championships in Atlanta a couple of months back (Beat em 4-2 in a cg gem…had their coach trying to recruit him to what he termed NAIA national champs Southern Indiana not sure what div??..I wasn’t there, so I’m asking do you know anything about them?)

What about finger pressure that makes the ball move side to side.

I throw a 4 seam a 2-8 curveball and a slider/cutter and since i know that my 2seam isnt working the way it should i rarely throw it but when i do they usually dont get a good hit off it anyways. Getting sinking action on the 2seam is no problem for me as i want down and in action on it so it wouldnt just be flat horizontal movement either. I was hoping it would complement my other pitches since they are all down and away. Its good to mix it up.

Is lack of velocity a problem as well to why there isnt any horizontal movement? Im actually not sure how fast i throw. Maybe ill try the grip but i usually hold it both fingers on the seams.

Isnt pronation bad for the arm? I dont think it has affected me that much since the way i throw my slider is aupination and offcenter grip.

"Isnt pronation bad for the arm? "

Supination is what most folks argue is bad for the arm, you naturally throw in a pronated way. I don’t know how hard you throw so maybe you do maybe you don’t, I’d say high 70’s on up you should be able to get movement.

So i guess i need to check how fast i throw then

No don’t wait, work. Throw it until it “feels” right. Try all of the different things mentioned in the thread and have at it. At your age and build, it would be reasonable to surmize…even if you haven’t been clocked that you make it into the 70’s. Waiting won’t do you any good at all. Times a wasting!!! Get on wit it.

The only pitch that does that is my specialty the Knuckleball.