2 seam movement

my 2 seam cuts instead of tails does anyone know why and how do i make my two seam tail so i could have a cutter and 2 seamer that tails??

I’m not sure what your trying to say. If you can describe it in a little more detail I’m sure someone will be able to give you a more detailed answer. Or one at all.

Don’t grip it hard, i’m a left pitcher also, try loosening your grip and try it, also, it might depend on your overall grip, if you could describe how you hold it, i could see if thats the problem.




It is most likely your grip, or you may accidentally supinating your wrist. Post pictures of your grip and describe how you throw t.

look at the pictures that the kid before you put up of the 2 seam grip i almost grip it like that but my fingers are up higher where the seams are closer together

If you raise your fingers anymore then your close to throwing a split finger or splitter. If you grip it higher then its farther back in your palm which take away from the tailing movement.