2-seam fastball

I need some help on learning to put more movement on my 2-seam fastball. I use a grip similar to the one on this website with variations of pressure on different fingers and different arm angles and still have no results. HELP PLEASE!!

How hard do you throw? Typically, movement comes with velocity, so if you don’t throw all that hard, your movement might not be that great.

i throw between 83-85 mph. I know that the major league pitchers take some off of this pitch to get more movement. Greg Maddux had one of the best 2-seamers in baseball in which he threw from 86-88 with that pitch. It must be in the grip or the arm angle or wrist action

You are correct. How often do you just throw with someone? It’s how my son and I have been able to develop and manipulate movement. I throw mine with my two fingers on the smallest gap between the seams fingers on the seams, pronate for sink…works nice. My son does it slightly different…but you get the idea. Longer fingers seen to help, he gets crazy movement (I won’t throw with him in anything but good light now) my movement isn’t so great but it does move.

Mine is all in the grip. I hold it with my index and middle finger inside the laces, and my thumb (yes, my thumb) on the side of the baseball.

I also find that the harder I tried to make it move, the less it actually moves.

Another thing you can try is to change your wrist angle, if you have a over-the-top arm angle and stay behind and on top of the ball you will get a straight ball with minimal drop and no tail, if you angle you arm down to get the rotation spinning at a 3-8 angle it will tail back, also if you tilt your wrist out (toward third if a righty) it will tend to make you pronate and get some tail and drop on your ball.

honestly it depends on your mechanics, and if you come straight over the top your out of luck, but if you have a medium to low 3/4 angle, just hold onto the ball a little longer, and your arm will naturally turn and it will tail towards a right handed batter.

on a good day mine can tail from 3-8 inches

Try holding it at the top of the horse shoe rather than one finger on each lace. This added alot of movement to my Sinker. Also try different distances between your fingers. Just play around with it.