2-seam fastball

when i trow my 2-seam fastball it looks exactly like my 4-seam fastball. i know that the 2-seam fastball is suppossed to move more, but it just doesn’t. can anybody explain to my how i should throw the 2-seamer so that it moves more???

Depending on how big your hand is, it is optimum to have your fingers as close together as possible (try to get your fingers in between the two seams as much as possible) and put additional pressure on the ball on release with your index finger. This should get the ball to have a sinking movement into the right handed batter for a right handed pitcher. Additionally, the less friction you have on the ball (holding the ball farther out on your fingertips away from you hand), the more wrist snap you’ll get on the ball and increased movement on your fastball.

Have someone with experience check your mechanics. They are very important to pitch movement. Good advice on where to place your fingers by the last guy. Proper release point is very important.


i understand that somebody who knows something about baseball should take a look at my mechanics. but the problem is that i am a 20 year old pitcher from dresden, germany. and over here we don´t have many people who know how to play baseball. there are some latinos in my team but there is no real pitcher amongst them. last year i played my first season as a pitcher in our advanced team. and now i am the best pitcher on my team and the third best pitcher in our league. most of the guys on my team tell me that i am goodenough to beat the other teams and that is all that counts for them. but that is not enough for me. right now i only throw a curve and a fastball but i want more. i just can´t get enough of baseball and i can never learm enough. and i think i can do more than that, because i want to get better and play in a better team when i get to college.
now i talked a lot but what i wanted to say is that i don´t have anybody who could take a look at me. so can anybody of you give me some advice what i can do??? would be a great thing.

it’s true that there are really no coaches in germany who can teach pitching. everybody focuses on hitting, hitting, hitting (I know this because I too live in germany).

if you have video material of yourself throwing, I would take a glance at it and see if I find anything. I can only help you to a certain point, but I know a little about proper mechanics, which I guess is really important, also for movement. sending a letter inside germany isnt all that expensive :slight_smile:

which league are you throwing in? (maybe send this through PM)