2 seam fastball and 4 seam fastball

When you are throwing either of these pitches are you supposed to bend your wrist back then flick it forward or kinda keep your wrist straight and throw it that way? I am trying to find pictures of how you throw these fastball but i cant find any so i was hoping that one of you guys could answer my question, Thanks

Don’t worry about flicking your wrist. You are more likely to hurt your velocity than to help it.

Just keep it loose and let it do what it naturally does.

Wow, try and throw a baseball without snapping your wrist.

When throwing your wrist will snaps, but your don’t have to try to snap it.

If you try to snap it, you are more likely to stiffen it and actually snap it less than you normally would.

Hi Chris. I’m new to the forum.

I was wondering what your own personal history is. Have you ever pitched?



I didn’t pitch formally beyond grade school due to damage that I did to my shoulder (throwing sidearm). However, I did pitch in a lot of games of Indian Ball.

Over the last 5 years, as my boys have gotten older, I have had to re-learn how to pitch (the right way). This is both so that I can coach my boys and so that I can pitch batting practice.

The “bio” that Chris gave you is rather brief. If you want more info about him, go to the “Pitching Bio-Mechanics” forum and read the sticky he posted “Who I am and how I got here.” It’ll tell you all you want to know. Though some of his comments/explanations spark controversy, the fact remains that he’s good. He certainly makes you think. That’s why Steve Ellis brought him on board.