2 Seam Break

I’m a sophomore, and right now im hitting lower mid 70s in games being 5’10" and 155lbs. I throw from a high 3/4 slot, and I was just wondering what a good 2 seam break would be. Some fancy machine has my horizontal break at anywhere from 13-15in. My spin efficiency is usually 98-100% (100% being like 1493 out of 1499 or so).

Also, whats a good way to increase my velocity? I throw a sinking changeup and a knuckle slurve I made up. Thanks for any help.

Edit: (Also sorry if this in the wrong category, I am new to the website)


If you are a right handed pitcher, a good 2 seam fastball should move down and in toward a right handed hitter and down and away from a left handed batter. Take a look at Miguel Diaz pitching a real nasty 2 seamer to a left handed batter.


As for gaining velocity, do you have a plan in place for the off-season? If not you should include a good functional workout program to gain weight. Off-season program should also include a dynamic warm up, band work, throwing drills for accuracy, med balls, throwing program, thoracic exercises, and pitching drills.

Steve - EBP

13 to 15 inches seems like a lot of horizontal break for a true 2 seam. If you look at the Rob Friedman pitch linked above, its breaking from the inside black to the middle of the plate which would be in the 8 to 10 inch range max.

I wonder if you might be accidentally throwing a screwball or cutting the ball with finger pressure. What was the vertical break on these pitches?

I get about 12ish inches of vertical break, but I throw it faster than my 4 seam so I dont think it could be a screwball.

I try my best to work out, depending on the day I might get 2ish hundred pushups in (I dont have any weights), I was just wondering if there were specific exercises to help or if I just needed to workout. I heard that continuing to long toss would help also, I don’t know if thats true, but it seems logical though.

Hey RDM1010, sorry for the late reply just came across this. I always found the most movement on my two-seam came when my pointer and middle finger were touching in between the seams. If I want to throw the pitch low, to make it drop more I hold my thumb on the bottom left seam. If I want to throw it high and eliminate that extra drop the thumb just rests normally on the bottom seam with no added pressure. I also found I could throw it harder with less room between my fingers.

I came to this by trying to learn how to throw Tom Seaver’s sinker for reference, realized it had a different effect for me with more tail and less sink, maybe something similar will happen for you. Also important to finish strong when letting go of the ball, but based on your spin rate you’re already doing that well.

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