2 seam and circle change

When i throw my circle change i hold it with my middle 2 fingers like you would with a 2 seamer and it is about 10 mph off my fastball and it breaks back in on a right handed batter like a normal 2 seamer would. But when i try and throw a 2 seamer it just goes straight. Why is this?

You don’t pronate, you don’t try to throw a “hard fastball?” I dunno.

I dont think i pronate on my circle change and it only does it when i throw it harder so i try to throw the 2 seam the exact same way and it just goes straight its weird.

Well on every throw you naturally pronate, but certain pitches you’re more aware of it, and do it more consciously.

Alright thanks

And actually try and mean to do it.

try gripping it deeper in your hand. also try spreading your fingers out/bringing themm closer together.