2 questions

I have 2 questions. The first one is about body mass index; I’m 5’11, 133lbs. So I’m kinda skinny. Now, I took a body mass index test about a year ago, and my body mass index was right in the middle of the green zone, 19.60. (being in the green zone ranges from 15.60 to 24.50).

However, according to the stats, I was 5’9 and 133lbs back then. (yeah, the exact same weight, but 2 inches shorter!) So I’m wondering if maybe i should try to gain weight. Of course I might be a little unwilling… I have a real nice pack and i’m gonna miss the compliments from the ladies if I lose it. :frowning: So what do you think? 5’11 and 133lbs too skinny? Should I gain weight?

My second question is, how far from home plate should a 14 year old pitcher be throwing? In my last game, I felt like i was a mile away from home plate, and had trouble throwing strikes – I never noticed the big distance increase from little league.

I’m pretty sure 14yr olds pitch from 60.6ft but then again I played with 18yr olds when I was 14 so some one has to confirm that.

Yeah a 14 year old is usually going from 60’ 6".

I feel your pain… I am 14 and 5-10 i weigh 117 which is really skinny lol… The problem is i just cant put on weight no matter what ieat and how much i eat.

Its best to gain some weight and then start goin to the gym… It is really easy to turn fat to mussle…


Wow you guys are skinny, sure I’m older (15) but, I’m 5’ 11" and I’m 185 pounds.

Ya I’m about that size if not a bit bigger (6"0 190) but I’m also 17 :lol:

Oh boy…

Okay, going to the gym has nothing to do with gaining weight. You gain weight by eating more calories than your body burns during the day. Lifting weights and exercising provides stimulus which signals the body on where to send nutrients, proteins, etc. You need to have excess nutrients on hand in order for muscle growth to occur. Read this article if you want to learn some easy weight gain concepts: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/packing_on_the_mass.htm

As for fat turning into muscle, thats a myth. You have to burn fat through exercise. It cannot be changed into anything else.

To the original poster:
Body Mass Index is absolute crap. Don’t worry about it. As for gaining weight, it would not be a bad idea to try gaining some weight. If nothing else just focus on exercising the right way and fostering good eating habits.

Exactly as the last poster said, BMI is no good, it doesn’t take into account excess muscle tissue at all, for example last time I did that in school I was in the borderline unhealthy zone, when in reality I stand 5’11", weigh 155 pounds and have an 8% BF. I just am big into working out, and have a very muscular physique.

And as for gaining weight, I would try some whey protein shakes or weight gainer shakes. You need to take in atleast a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, so a 150 pound person should aim for 150 grams of protein. You probably think you are eating alot, when in reality I doubt your taking in more than 3500 calories, which an active 14 or 15 year old can burn easily in one day. Eat alot of lean meats, save carbs moreso for pre-exertion times, so if u play a baseball game in an hour, have so slow dissolving carbohydrates like whole wheat bread or oatmeal. And lastly, don’t forget your fats, eat tons of peanut butter and have atleast 2 or 3 eggs a day. I used to be just like you, I was about 5’9" this time last year, and weighed about 120-125. I bought a weight set for my home, got myself on a good workout routine that isolates one bodypart a week, ate myself a ton of protein, and one year later I stand 2 inches taller, weight 30 pounds more, and am expodentially stronger and more muscular than I previously was. Its not easy, but gaining wait is possible