2 questions

i got 2 questions sould pithers be running everyday and is it ok for pitchers to take creatine does it reallgive you more energy if it makes you work out longer your velocity would go up then right

You should run sprints.

creatine is just water weight, dont take it, its not worth it, running should be done everyday

I think creatine can be very good for pitching for recovery purposes, not so much weight gain.

im 15 turning 16 in like 2 monts would it be ok to take

oh really? Has creatine helped you any? Have you tried it or have you read about it?

Well, I should clarify: I’ve never used creatine, but I think in theory it should be good for pitching. Creatine is very good for explosive activity such as sprinting, so once again in theory it would seem that it would help with the explosive act of pitching. I’m not necessarily saying that it will increase velocity, but it may help at the end of the game when you’re tiring or even at the end of a long inning.

As far as lifting goes, creatine is supposed to help with the last couple reps of a set, maybe let you put on a bit more weight or do a few more reps.

  1. Running every day as a cardio actitivity is good for any sport that requires you to be “in shape”. I’m of the opinion that you need to be in good shape to start and finish a baseball game, at any position. Thus, long-distance running is a good idea for you. Mix in sprints as well, to work on leg strength and explosion.

  2. Stay away from creatine, especially at your age. There is no hard scientific evidence that it helps; in fact, it may hurt. Don’t believe me, though, look at this medical report, written by an M.D. at Rice U.:

Yes there is a ton of info on the web that says creatine is just absolutely wonderful, but nearly all that info is linked to someone selling the stuff to you. I prefer to listen to the doctors, who have nothing to gain by judging it one way or the other.

Eat 3-4 nutritious meals per day, mixing in lots of lean meats, nuts, fruits, veggies, etc., drink plenty of water, and let nature run its course.