2 Pitchers

Here are 2 players from my high school team. The first player is getting looks from several D1 colleges and currently sits 86-88 but was 79-82 in May. We have made several mechanical adjustments and are currently in week 3 of BWBK. I do have before video if anyone is interested. Player is 17 years old and 6’1 210

Second player turned 15 earlier this month and sits 82-85 on the mound and has hit 87 once. Predominantly working on better tempo and intent. Also seeing tremendous results in week 3 of BWBK. Player is 5’9 155 and very wirey with low body fat.

Any thoughts?

We play in a smaller high school league in California and these 2 have a chance to dominate. But really the goal is free college and a shot to pitch for a paycheck.

All opinions are welcome!

The first one has good transmission of power from the lower body , but the lower body generates little power.

The second one has good generation of power from the lower body and has fair transmission of the power to the upper body.