2-Piece Catchers Mask + Skullcap (Rawlings LWMX)

After using this mask for 1 week now. I love this mask. It weighs in just under 2 lbs, but money is tight for me and think it is great for someone just getting in to the 2-piece catchers mask thing. Instead of buying the 200$ All-Star one, start off small with something like this.

Both the cap and the mask feel very sturdy and are comfortable. I have already taken 2 foul balls and it is very safe. The trick is to get the tightness of the mask just to the point where it will be taken off easily and fall off when attempting to throw a runner out. The total cost was under 100$. I give it a solid 4/5. :o
Oh, and one more thing. The mask looks VERY crappy on the website, but is very nice, in my opinion. http://www.baseballrampage.com/Baseball/Protective-Equipment/1460/Catcher-Mask.html