2 old for college add on

i read the 2 old for college topic and was a lil confused. ill give my story and any help would be appreciated. im 23 and will be 24 next febuary, i quit playin ball at begining of highschool and started again at 20. right now im a college level pitcher but im 23, ill have to go to cc for 2 years to be eligable for university as far as school goes. i saw the 4 year eligability and was wondering how it applies. i plan on taking finance or sports management, which could mean 2 years at cc and 4 years at university. if i play on the cc team for 2 years does that mean im only eligable to play for the university for 2? what other things could stop me from being ablke to play ball if any.

Yeah if you play 2 years at cc that would use up 2 years of your eligibility leaving you with 2 years to play at a university. Also from what I was told by someone on this site, you’d be to old to play D1. However I think you could play D2 or D3, there’s no age limit there, or atleast not one that I’m aware of.

youre actually not too old to play even D1 until youre 25 and even then they still allow a petition and appeal process to hear your case before the NCAA committee and even if they still say no , D2 and D3 is still good baseball . baseball isnt like football n basketball i college. you can play at an level and be drafted, and even high drafts. im from Mass. and I read an article about how D2 school Franklin Pierce in NH has more drft picks in like the ast ten years or something than ALL D1 schools combined in new england …n theres GREAT schools BC, UMASS, UMAINE just to name a few…so dont worry about anthing man , go have fun youll be glad you didnt pass it up whne youre later in your life!!!

thats cool thanks for the advice. i get you on the d1, even if i couldnt go d1 i still could get a decent d2 education and always get picked up from there. wasnt really worrying bout gettin picked up for being a reason to go d1. people get plucked outa the cc im gana go to all the time. thanks for the advice