2 Months After Slap Tear Surgery!

And finally cleared to play some catch! (had operation on non throwing shoulder thank goodness) Anyways super stoked and have been itching to toss the ball around!

What exactly is Slap Tear surgery? Why did it take so long to be cleared if it was on your non-throwing shoulder?

slap i guess stands for superior labrum from anterior to posterior. basically i tore the labrum that kept my shoulder socket in place and my shoulder kept dislocating everytime i swung a bat and tryed to lift. so i got the arthoscopic surgery done and it feels great. it took me soo long because my surgeon had me on strict restrictions. 1st month after surgery straight sling no movement at all. phase 2 the next 2 weeks had me hold something ala bat or broom, and id have to raise it up using my right shoulder and have the recovering shoulder go along for the ride i guess you can say. phase 3, these past 2 weeks ive been doing can raises to increase the range. basically they are having me be very cautious which im okay with. and since ive been recovering well i guess i got a little treat into playing some light catch. lucky me!

Labrum repair is serious business. Often, the labrum must be reattached to the bone. It’s easier if it’s a clean tear versus a shredded/frayed tear. But it takes time either way.

Congrats, glad to hear things are going well.

Thanks Roger, we were hopin for just getting the clean out but after bein scoped out i guess i did end up needing some screws to help it heal up attached. You sure do begin to appreciate the little things when u have them takin away from u lol

I hear you. When I was in my 20’s I blew out my knee and had to give up hoops, skiing, etc. Your perspective really changes when you have something like that happen to you.

My son had surgery last year to repair a torn hip labrum. He just had surgery 3 days ago to repair his other hip. In both cases, he needed a screw to attach the labrum to the bone after the bone was roughed up a bit.

Yikes! I wish him the best of luck to a speeedy recovery. I couldnt imagine going through that with the hip. Hes gotta be a trooper for that.

phase 4 o 5 of pt and been and now im tubing! super stoked. feels good to have that burn again in my shoulder.

Had Slap and R/C surgery May 12th 2010. Today is October 1st 2010. Have about 80 percent strength back. Dr has released me but can tell from week to week that is is becoming stronger. Had PT for 3 months. From my experience one major rehabilitation point is the amount of flexibility which is lost. The problem with this type of injury repair is knowing how much force or weight which your shoulder can take during rehab for the months ahead. If you push too much too fast the repair is torn and has to be repeated. I’m old and it’s the non throwing arm so I’m lucky. Main pain/tightness still is sitting and reaching with left hand ( repair side) to grasp something from a table at 90 degree’s and same level as shoulder. Pre surgery for a couple of years the pain just increased. It will not get better with cortisone and P/T. Wish I would have had the surgery years ago. I have coached for years and constantly look out for players experiencing shoulder/arm problems. Find the best Orthopedic/Sports Dr. in your area and have it diagnosed. It can be hard to view via a MRI but a good surgeon who does a lot of this type of surgery can spot it 95% of the time without MRI. He will have you have a MRI done anyway. Just by testing your range of motion and the pain experiencing their diagnosis is usually correct. The MRI is standard in the business. My Labrum was reattached in 5 places with R/C shredding repair. When you wait to have it looked at till you can not experience a good nights sleep your shoulder is damaged. Most Dr’s will give you a DVD of stills taken inside your shoulder of the reattachment points and R/C tears with repair.

Thanks for the insight Hedley. My shoulder feels pretty good considering it had’nt felt good since before the injury. Like you pointed out the stiffness is always there and the range of motion doesnt seem close at all where it used to be. Surgeon says the stiffness will always be there and that ill just have to do extra warming up and tubing before working out and playing which i do now. i havent experienced any pain which is great and still havent swung a bat. too scared and not 100% confident yet. like yourself i wish i could have had the surgery as soon as i had the injury. (should have seen a specialist right away and not my normal doctor who doesnt believe in mri’s and believes rehab will cure all… :x )