2 hours to complete this?!

hey everybody, ive recently started the tuffcuff program (phase 1 week 5) and it took me 2 hours to complete this! is it just i dont know the workouts well enough, or am i going to slow? what am i doing wrong?!

lol. It’s your first time through. It almost always takes much longer to begin with. But I’d bet that 2 hr workout will be 1:15-1:20 by the time you’re 2-3 weeks in.

Keep working hard!

thanks steven. i was doing the regeneration after my workout, and i cant stretch my legs not even close as much as you had shown. is this just something that will only improve? i also had my protein shake that you had recommened, and im drinking just one a day to get my body used to it and ill eventually have two a day :slight_smile:

it’s ok… gotta start somewhere!