+2 Drop Wood Bat

Do any of you guys know of any really cheap wood bats with drops of +2? By drop I mean like instead of a 33 inch 30 oz bat. I want a 33 inch, 35 oz bat. I’m looking to use it for my tee drills to increase my bat speed. I don’t want anything special and so far I’ve only found bats that are gonna run me about 80 bucks.

Check ebay, found a $80 bamboo bat for $40

I don’t know if you meant you can get drop +2 on ebay or that you can find cheap wood bats. I’m aware of the fact that ebay has cheap bats but no one’s selling any bats over 31 oz. I’m looking to get one for the over under drills that are talked about on here.

I know I was recentley at a Dallas Baptist University showcase and they had these “bomb bats” that were ranging from +2 to +6 I’m not sure where they got them though… :?

You can get baum* bats in just about any size or configuration for training but they are a little on the expensive side.

here is the link to their site. I have one of their game bats it ran me about $180 including shipping but their fully composite and the only stories ive heard about them breaking is when they were used on pitching machines that were cranked to the top velocity (104mph) in the pros and then hit off the handle in an attempt to break it.

Ive had mine for a year and it hasny come close to breaking. The bat you would be looking for is the Monster training bat