2 days

in 2 days i have my surgery on my elbow and im out for 3-5 weeks, jus letting some of the ppl who have helped me out know, ill update after the surgery

Good luck, Tanner. I hope everything works out well.

Same here guy. Good luck.

Watch a lot of funny movies and do what you are told! :smiley:
Thoughts and prayers to ya big fella.

thanks guys, just an update, our team took 8th in the state, in my last game i threw and topped out at 89 mph, an average of 86 for the game, all that with a aching elbow, pretty excited to have this surgery and get back to throwing without pain for once, hopefully it goes well…do you guys think they’ll give me an anethesiate or however its spelled hahaha

You said they had to scrape some bone so I’d guess they’ll probably just put you out. They’re real good with the anaesthesia these days. They’ll knock you out right before the procedure and then you’ll be awake and getting booted out the door to go home a couple or three hours later.

This is how my knee operations were done. And it’s really the best way to go. You just go to sleep and when you wake up it’s all done.

I thought in the Dakotas they just give you a bullet to bite or some rawhide to gnaw on, or smack you over the head with the butt of a six shooter or something “manly” :shock:

Medicine has come a long ways in the Dakotas. Nowadays they give patients several shots of JD and give them some rawhide to clench between their teeth. :lol:

I knew a guy in the navy who got anesthesia that way once…

Shoot, I did that many times all on my own back in my college days. Well, maybe not the rawhide part. :wink:

surgery went good, not much pain, cant throw for 2-3 weeks, then its light toss and gradually throw harder up to 6 weeks, i sould be 100 percent in 6 weeks, im in a sling for a couple days and have an appointment in 2 weeks

Glad to hear it went well, Tanner. Did they put you out?

Make darn sure you stick to the rehab plan and ride it out to completion regardless of how good you start feeling.

Glad to hear it went well. What specific problem was the surgery for?

Glad to hear it went well. What specific problem was the surgery for?[/quote]the dr. went in and removed scar tissue, inflammation and carved down the olecranon tip, which was the main cause, he said i will be way better than i was before i even noticed it…and yea i was put under haha, thats always fun to wake up from