2 comments about sandwiches and the knuckleball

Good morning, Pustulio! You know, the other day I ran across your post in the section titled “Chicken Burgers” and I noticed your terrific sandwich of roast beef, turkey and provolone on whole wheat bread, and that gave me an idea. So I’ve taken to making, twice a week, breakfast sandwiches of rare roast beef, maple smoked turkey and a couple of slices of provolone on a toasted onion bagel, with a bit of thousand island dressing, heating it in the microwave for 25 seconds, and sitting down with said sandwich and a couple of Campari tomatoes—it’s positively delicious and addictive! Thank you so much for the recipe idea. Also, I don’t understand why so many folks don’t like the knuckler—well, I never could throw one, but I had a very good knuckle-curve in my arsenal, and I do have a copy of “The Knucklebook” in my library and find it enjoyable and informative. Oh yes—I found out some time ago that Ed Lopat threw one! He had a pretty good one, and he would use it on occasion just to give the opposition batters something else to kvetch about in addition to all the other stuff he had.