2 clips - different velocity, why the speed difference?

Hi all,
Here are 2 clips of my son from last night. One at 79 the other at 74.

Curious to hear opinions about where the difference in velocity is coming from.

Both are with 5oz ball.



I would imagine because the technique he uses is one is a bit different than the other. That is why when we pitch we want to have simple, repeatable mechanics so we can eventually maximize the velocity, movement and location of every pitch. I wouldn’t worry or even take time figuing out why he was 5 mph slower on one vs the other. If you are going to use the speed gun and if you have read my posts before I wouldn’t worry about it too much, then definately use it while he is on the mound not doing a drill to develop arm strength.

What is learned in this drill can be used on the mound, IMHO. Should hop on the bump after doing the drill to try to transfer the skill.

He’s gaining velocity… every time we’ve done these workouts he’s gained 6MPH. Was at 73 when we stopped last year he’s popping 79 now. Expect him to break 80 soon, especially since he wants iPhone that comes with breaking 80 :-).

Until last night his fastest was 77 which was off a mound.



Where’d you learn this from?

It reminds me of Marshalls work oddly enough.

Combination of Nyman and Wolforth…

Using weighted balls, training and drills from both.

Paul please think about selling your RTFN again :pray:


I think there are some pretty obvious differences, including one that has nothing to do with how hard the ball actually came out of his hand.

Also, this looks nothing like a Marshall pitcher or a Marshall drill.

EDIT: oldman, this backchaining drill is supposed to be about explosion in the lower body. He’s turning it into an upper body-based throwing drill. There’s more there, of course, but that’s a start.

It looks to me like his front foot is open at footplant, if that is a valid observation or just the camera angle

How’s this speed? My camera gives me a range 30-240 so not sure what FPS its really at. If I go higher I can choose 480 etc but under 480 you have 3 choices 30,40 and a range 30-240.

I owe you some clips, which I’ll shoot when we put him on the hill again.

Do you think its because one hit the gun right in the middle and the other was offline that cause the speed difference?

What drills other than Hershiser would you recommend to teach proper lower body action?


I love your side by side clips… I’ll spend time this weekend getting JASC on my laptop to start doing those. Hope I can figure out how to sync them.

In the 79 MPH clip, he has way more upper body counter rotation.

We’ve been working on scap load using Nyman/Wolforth arm action drill to warm up and also throwing 2 lb ball using Wolforth drill.

Lower body action needs work I know… hope you can help me with some good drills. I think Hershiser only gets you so far. I think side shots will show my son leading with the hip but not aggressive enough with lower half otherwise.



[quote]Do you think its because one hit the gun right in the middle and the other was offline that cause the speed difference?


Email me when you’re ready.

Some possibly… but there was only a foot or two difference where the gun was placed. The cosine effect would make it 1 or 2 mph different but not 5mph. Next time have him stand further back when he throws. This will minimize the “cosine” error.

To me it looked more like an “intent” difference but very subtle mechanical changes can also cause a difference in velocity. Being overly “tense” on a throw could cause it for instance.

Comments welcome…

I need to download Kyle’s side by side clip on my laptop and look at it using Quicktime. Looking at it on my Ubuntu system and parts of it are hard to see.

He’s throwing to the gun again tomorrow night will have him move back a bit as 101 had suggested and will get him from various angles.

Need drills to teach him lower half.

He does Wolforth style workout with this trainer then works with another trainer doing all manner of exercises.