2 Best YouTube vids. ever!

wtf was that?!!?

I wasted one minute of my life with the top video, and I just had to stop the madness.

Real lonely in Wyoming I understand… :shock:

Lol, come on these videos are awesome.

The only point where i thought man this is awesome, is when i turned the video off…

There is anything and everything on youtube …

I thought the first one was so stupid it was funny. But not so with the second one.

Thanks for the effort Pustulio, but I only made it to about 1:37 before I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I personally think this forum deserves better :lol:… so I have taken it upon myself to post the new Nike commercial that I came across a couple days ago. It’s pretty beast.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

i dont think that commercial is very new, but it is beast, love the music in it. MUCH better choice than the fairy ronald mcdonald dancing in circles lol

The knuckleballer is just a little too weird I suppose. :cry:

I think the videos are somewhat,…entertaining? 8)

i think i might have nightmares now…