2-a-day weight workouts?

During the summer i will be lifting/running from 10-12 monday thru thursday

would it beneficial to lift again later that day (maybe around 4 or 5)

This is what bodybuilders call a double split routine.Unless you are out of your teens and are wanting to bodybuild, I would say no! Ian.

Try to do this
monday upper body workout
tues run
wed lower body work out
thurs run
fri mid section work out
sat run
sun day off

If you want to build mass and strength then training 2 times a day for 4 days out of the week is a bad idea. You will be overtraining your muscles and not seeing much progress. As long as you have an intense workout, meaning when you do workout you are concentrating on that one thing. Not some date you have later or what song you heard on the radio before you started exercising. I used to bring my iPod to the gym because I wasnt pushing myself but now it doesn’t let me focus.

Plus, unless your doing 40 minutes of cardio, workout, THEN running you don’t need to workout for 2 hours. Running will be your best bet for any kind of cardio.

Hope this helps.

mine works