19yr old 90mph mechanics

i need a lot of criticism!

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As to your mechs…you say this mech develops 90?

It really doesn’t look all together bad, perhaps a bit of over-rotation which apparently is needed because of your very high arm slot (Timing), I guess you are trying to develop another few mph…well at these speeds we are talking entire program…I don’t think anyone can jump you up even one or two mph without a bit more vid and some description of your conditioning activities…even then it’s best for someone to be with you…as in coach, so you can be tweaked over time…look into Nymans thoughts on intent…may be something there for you.

yeah i just cant get my drag foot to make a straight line it is always jagged. and do you think i have good hip to shoulder separation? could it be better?

I don’t consider drag-line a teach Dalton (Yours indicates that you throw 90 which puts you in front of the line), maybe somebody else might have some advice but you are at 90 right?
Every up tic from here ought to be carefully considered and worked into your delivery. Someone needs to get some working vid of you and you need to develop a program and build from it… smart…conditioning, diet…mech, intent…miss or mess up and that 90 mph gold ends up in a sling…be serious and be very focused.

yes i consistantly hit 89-90 and have hit 92 a couple of times when im really on. thanks for the advice!

Its no wonder you can throw 90nph. You have excellent external rotation, and very good leg drive. Also, you seem to get the stomach muscles involved.

Your mechanics are not that bad. I have a couple suggestions which might help. As you drive home keep your left knee bent instead of straightening it, and drive straight to the catcher by keeping your head over your midsection. This should allow you to get faster hip rotation, and stop that over rotation with falling to the left since you won’t be swinging the leg. Lastly, as you take the ball out of your glove do so by taking it out with your fingers on top of the ball and either down or back which ever is more comfortable. And then as you bring the ball forward show the ball to the third baseman. These two things should also get the ball on plane better.

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ok so i don’t have all my momentum going to the plate? and i need to tilt my head back a little?

Yes and no. Yes, get as much momentum going to the plate as possible. You can pick up a couple of mph just doing this. No, don;t tilt your head back. Just keep it more centered over your midsection.

oh ok i understand now! thanks a lot!