19 year old right hander please I need feed back


Please anything that you guys think I need to do to get better.


Why the pause? Just curious; wondering if it’s taught or just a preference. Arm speed looks good.


My coach was telling me I need it to stay more on my back leg and I felt I could mess with the timing while also keep the same mechanics bc from the wind up I make the same pause


I like the pause. It reminds me of the Japanese guys like Tanaka and Uehara and that pause can be easily altered to mess with timing. Also I agree that the arm speed looks good and all around I think the mechanics look good so I would say to get better just work on command, competing, velo, break (maybe toy with some pitches), and mess with timing.


Looks good, you have a really good front leg, you separate and drive well.


Look pretty good. If you have a slow motion video I could break things down more. Is there anything you really struggle with


Well i feel like I have the pronator teres swollen and I don’t know if that could cause my arm to slow down , I haven’t gone to the doctor but I searched it up and it does match I have a bump like ball on the top of the form arm


Don’t whack your hand on that bleacher! Towel mechs often look different than ball mechs, so a slow motion video using a ball would help. There are lots to like about what you’ve got going on.


I was looking at your leg work. Your driving foot looks a little unstable during the leg lift and pause. I would attribute this to the width of your feet at the set position. If you tighten the feet before leg lift it prevents the “going backwards to go forward” situation. Try it from the mound on the rubber and see what that video reveals after a few trials. Its minor stuff, otherwise everything looks great!


Are you going to be throwing spaghetti?


Message me man ur awesome