19 Year Old RHP

Here’s the first video of me I’ve posted in a while. It’s just of me throwing off of flat ground, as it rained pretty hard last night and the mounds that I have access to don’t get covered. Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed.



You have a PM

You’ve got a PM

Here’s a video of me pitching off a mound from the CF view.

Here’s the same view in slo mo

View from the side at normal speed

Maybe it’s just me but it looks like you are pie throwing a little bit, bear down, pull the ball down to the target and let it go man. I feel you could really bring a different intensity based on your body style.

I really hate it when I have to turn my laptop on it’s side to watch a video, what happened?

Woops, it must not have flipped when I edited it. I have a few more videos to post and I’ll fix that one.

Agree with BU. I don’t really see much intent to throw. The mechanics look pretty good but without that push you aren’t reaching your potential.

You’re pretty fundamentally sound.

That being said I’m with bu, where’s the intensity? You’ve got a lot of power that you’re not using within that frame of yours.

I see what you mean about intent. Wales also mentioned needing to scap load a little more. I’ll be throwing a simulated game against some of my high school players tomorrow, I’ll work on both intent and scap loading then. I’ve been told often that I have the body style to throw quite hard, although somebody today kind of upset me by saying that I would never reach my goal of hitting 90+… It’s just one of a long list of people that have written me off in the past and present.

Forget what others tell you, there will always be someone to throw negativity into the mix. Set you goals and work hard to achieve them.

At 13 a well known pitching coach in my area told my son that he was probably not going to grow much more and didn’t have the physical attributes to be a successful pitcher, at the time he was 5’10" 170 lbs.

He is now 15 yrs old, 6’2" 190 lb Freshman in HS and has an 84 mph fastball. That particular PC now denies saying that and trys to get my kid to join his stable. Not a chance.

My point is don’t listen to people who are negative. Follow YOUR plan for yourself, it is amazing what you can find and accomplish.

cmfields21 said,

I don’t know if you’ve read up on Lance Armstrong, all the allegations of cheating aside, the guy was driven to over achieve.

I often wondered why it is so popular to hit “90+” mph. I mean, dang, why not 89 or 91? Nope…always 90. Heck, why not 100, now that’s a nice round number. The funny thing is, whatever your goal, if you finally get there you are going to look back and see that it was all really about the journey. It’s your journey, you get to decide what matters, not the naysayers and those who want to see you fail because they have no direction and want your company in no man’s land.

Tomorrow is going to be just as important as the day you reach your goal or finally give it up. Don’t drive a stake in the ground and say, “There, that’s how far I want to get.” You know what, if you get that far, that’s where you’ll stop. Put that stake in the ground somewhere nobody has gone before. Then you will know that when you stop, you have gone as far as you possibly could. Now that’s satisfaction.

In fact, proving people wrong is not about reaching your goal so much as it is about being an overachiever. A guy like Tim Tebow could relate I think. And a guy like you.