19 year old RHP

Although I’ve been on this message board for a long time, I never thought to post until now. I am a 19 year old sophomore preparing for the college season, which is rapidly approaching. While I’ve learned a great deal on these boards, I can only go so far in evaluating my own mechanics. I have two videos for this post; the first is from last February, and the second is from this January.
The first video is slightly better quality, and shows max intensity throws in a simulated game setting. The second video (from this year) shows my second bullpen of the season, and thus these pitches are not max intensity. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have thick skin, and am always open to criticism. I have exhausted my brain in picking apart my mechanics, and am looking forwards to getting a few different sets of eyes on these videos.



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  • J

You look realy good, i like your balance, your intent to throw and your use of the lower body. The only thing I see right away is the you aren’t getting totally flat at the end of your motion, this could develop a bit more velocity and more movement on your pitches. I would like to see some video with a hitter in the box too.

On your second video, your leg lift seemed to stop for a split second. I would try and have a smoother motion. Continuous motion.

I also struggle with this at time because I rush.

I don’t know if you are rushing, but I have found slowing my self down in the beginning helps me to remain smooth throughout my motion without losing velocity and gaining control.

You looked pretty solid other wise though.

How hard to you throw?

buwhite - I assume you are talking about my finish, in regards to my back being ~ parallel to the ground in a fashion similar to this picture:

This was one of the issues I also saw with my mechanics in the first video, and I have been making an effort to finish down with good posture ever since. I think I do a better job of this in the second video, although I am still inconsistent in that regard. Thank you for the tip. Also, I would love to post game footage if I had any. I do want to point out, however, that I am throwing to live batters in the first video.

jimster - Good eye. I see what you are talking about with the pause, and it absolutely needs to go if I want to give my catcher any shot at throwing out a potential base stealer. Tempo and rhythm both seem to be issues when guys start throwing off a mound the first few times every season. Although it deals in part with shaking off the rust, we all have to build good habits off the mound from day one.
Concerning the velocity, I never ask what I am gunned at. It is just a matter of preference, and an attempt to build a habit of not throwing for the radar gun.

Good stuff so far.

  • Jay

That is exactly what I am talking about, good picture, you could work on just pulling your right wrist down more and finish just above the left knee with it, that gets you a bit farther out in front and removes the stall that you are getting with your body just after release, I am sure this is holding you back a mph or so.