19 y/o Video Analysis


I recently posted a video of my pitching from about a year ago. This is my bullpen from last week. I know my front foot opens too much but I’m working on it. FB at 84-87. Change at 70-73. Thoughts? I’d appreciate it a lot!! I’m a freshman in college… D3 right now… Considering a transfer at some point but not sure yet.

If this video doesn’t show up, just click the link… thanks!


Focus on your stride foot plant. It’s so important.

As I’ve said before, you want to land with your toes slightly closed or pointing to your target. You’re landing way open, which means your hips are also opening too soon and you’re losing a lot a power:

Use some white athletic tape to tape off a straight line from the middle of the rubber down the mound about 6 feet and land with your toes on that line (or slightly inside that line), with your toes to the target. Every time you throw a bullpen, put the athletic tape down – takes like 15 seconds to do.


Thanks for the reply. I have heard that so many times in the past couple years and I have tried a bunch of things including putting tape and trying to land. I can land square without opening up when I think about it, but when it comes to live pitching, I haven’t been able to overcome the natural instinct to open up. Not sure why. My coach said it’s not a good mechanic to have but thinks I have naturally taught myself how to make up for it with my upper body. I’ve had this problem for a couple years and I have had some pretty good seasons pitching. Obviously if i can fix it, hopefully they can be even better.


My suggestion for you is to look earlier in your delivery for the cause of your front foot orientation. If you don’t solve the true cause, then it will continue to occur.

Consider the possibility that how your front foot plants isn’t a problem unto itself but is, instead, a symptom of something earlier in your delivery. Also consider the possibility that the orientation of the front foot and the tilt of the front lower leg are set in order to provide the strongest support for the body’s weight in the direction it is moving. Finally, notice that your head and spine tilt to the glove side. It looks to me like your front leg is simply trying to support your body moving to the glove side.

So, fixing your front foot orientation could be a matter of fixing your posture. However, looking at your starting position on the rubber as well as the direction of your back foot drag line, it looks like you start on the throwing arm side of the rubber and your drag line extends further in that direction. This can result in a tendency to tilt to the glove side in order to get your shoulders squared to the target. So, fixing your front foot orientation could really be a simple matter of moving your starting position on the rubber to the glove side.

Try moving over enough to get your drag line to end on a line drawn from the center of the rubber to the center of home plate. Give that a chance and see what effect it has on your posture and you front foot.


Agreed. They actually did a study proving the more open your front foot is at FFS, he more stress it puts on your arm.


Agree with Roger. You start heading away from the plate and are probably landing in the other direction to compensate. A simple change of position on the rubber could help. You may be surprised how a change in position can help “fix” a movement. You don’t want to be thinking about your landing foot during your delivery.