18yr old new feedback on my mechanics and drills to help me

Looks very good and consistent, but you really need to get off that crappy little bump. the only immediate thing i can see is you could develop a longer stride, you are maybe 75% of your height, work up to 90 or even 100%, gets you closer to the plate at release and keeps the ball speed up at the batter.

I used to have a very long stride but coaches would always say that i am jumping how do i lenthen the strdie without affecting the rest of my mechanics negatively and keep from jumping out?

Several things pop out at me.

  1. You have little to no leading of the hips if you look at the video your shoulders stay over your hips this prevents the lower half getting involved in the pitch and useing the larger muscles. get those hips moving early.
  2. like othe poster said get that stride out there yor a tall kid use it to your advantage.
  3. Extend extend extend in my opinion your finish is to tall, like Lincicum’s dad said pick up the dollor. be long to the plate.

just my 2 cents

Push out from the back side make it a smooth action not a violent action.

What drills can i do to help me stay back and lead with the hips and also to ensure im getting long and extending versus standing tall?

I’m going to PM you my #

You have to get those hips out look at some of the post I have placed of my boy to see the hips go. the key is to start the hips to the plate as the knee starts down.
As for drills to get the lower half involved these are the ones we start with
The first one is take 2 strips of tape put down one to be the rubber the second out the distance of your height the key is to drive out as far as you can rotating into foot plant draging your post leg (15 pitches) from the streach.
Second one is the same but at half the distance of your height place a folding chair(need a helper) have the seat so that you can place your left toe on the corner of the seat this should make you have most of your weight on your right side with your left hip to the plate. when your ready pull your toe off the chair(have helper pull chair out of the way) so that your knee is at your waiste line and drive out to your height line(15 pitches)
Hope this works it is really hard to explane this so I did my best.