18yo Pitching Mechanics

I’m 5’11 and 18 years old, 180lbs
I’m a senior in high school, and I’m
Looking for some tips to enhance my mechanics and maximize my velocity, thanks for any advice

Literally love the dedication. Snow on the ground. No excuses.

You do a lot of things well. Let’s try to get your head and chest out over your lead knee at the point of release. Here’s you:

Here’s Maddux:

Notice how much more forward his head and chest are at that release point.

Keep up the great work!

Much appreciated, I’ll keep that in mind in my future throwing sessions! Are there any specific drills that you know that could possibly help with this?

Staying closed longer and rotating later will let you get further out over the front leg. I’d start by taking better care of the glove arm. Looks like it flies out to the side and pulls you open. Try to swivel and stabilize it in front of your torso.

Any chance the snow on the ground is creating slippery conditions and effecting your delivery as shown in the video?

Thanks Roger, I’ll try that. As for the swivel and keep the arm in front of the body, that makes sense too. Is it to help keep forward momentum going and keeping my body going in one direction? Also, the snow could possibly be changing my mechanics slightly, but I put on my game cleats to help eliminate any sliding that may occur

Stabilizing the glove in front of the torso means you’ve avoided dropping, pulling or flying open with the glove - things that result in posture or timing (early shoulder rotation) issues. Maintaining a stable posture and rotating later will let you get out over your front let better and get your release point further out front which has its own benefits.