18 yr Senior


Okay guys we have been on here on and off since he was 11 he is going to a JC after his senior year. Just wanted to see if you all see any mechanical issues that we need to tackle. He has gained 20lbs in the off season worked his tail off in the gym.
In Oct this was his pitch velocity.
FB 88-89 a couple 91s
CU 81
Slider 84


How do I format my youtube links cant get them to show up like everyone else


My only suggestion (when throwing from the stretch) is to eliminate the weight shift towards 2B when going into knee lift. This should help to better control baserunners.

Have him try narrowing his feet in his starting stance.


We have got some comments on his hips being late. I kinda agree and too stride length long. Should we shorten him up to try and get more torque from his hip.


Yes and Yes.

Where is his “step over the log” (pelvic load and unload)…??


A young Masahiro Tanaka (Mechanics by SETPRO… 8) )


Coachxj our saving grace… he seems to be in a rut on his mechanics since we first started on here with you and the others. He is a hard thrower but I feel he has more. The stepover move went away and I to agree I think he has got to long on his stride. So we can use any and all tips you can give to get him back to where he was.


Coachxj remember this kid? This in my opinion is where we need to get back to.


I wouldn’t have changed his wind up. His original wind up promoted better momentum in my opinion. And too long of stride? Is that stride not a result of momentum and drive towards the plate? I thought the result of having a long stride was the result of good drive and momentum. Am I wrong?


I agree with the wind up issue we are going to work on geting him back to the younger video. I kinda let him do his thing and and now we are paying for it.


Congrats on all of the work with your son! I’ve gone through a bunch of the old posts…it’s been great watching him develop over the years.

Here’s a video of the 11 year old version vs the now version:

To me, the biggest differences I see is that he seems to be reaching out with his front leg some now, when at 11 his drive was mostly back leg driven and more explosive burst toward home. At 11, his back leg was driving his front leg, and his front leg stayed closed a bit longer then, and seemed to have a more powerful unloading hip/glute usage…did a very good job “weighing more as he’s moving forward.” He also seems to have an earlier shift forward on his back leg/hips when he was 11. [Additionally, when he’s bracing up now, his front leg is pretty deeply bent, and at 11 his front leg seemed to be in a stronger position.]

Baseballthinktank had a good article on this and has a bunch of good drills:
Obviously, either CoachXJ or BaseballThinkTank (or many others) can help much more than I can, but just thought I’d at least provide a comparison video. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great clip… We have a pin today and we are going to get him back to where he was in the old clip. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one that sees we have lost a few parts. Thanks for the help. He has the ability to do more we just have to tune the engine.


Here is our work from today to me he looks a little better with the lift and stride he also worked on being quicker with the arm action (intent) he said it felt better coming out.


Here is a pro day sequence…Not a good angle to really evaluate but he threw well and all his pitches worked


We just wanted to think everyone for their help with our journey over the past 7 years my son’s success has been in part do to all the posts made on his mechanics on this Forum. THANKS to Coach j and the many others that have posted. And if anyone sees anything we missed please help. THANKS AGAIN