18 yr old submarine pitcher

hey guys,

       Like the topic says, im 18 entering my freshmen year of college ball, i started throwing submarine at the begenning of my junior yr, right now i throw a sinking fastball at 75-78 topping out at 80, a change up from 66-68, and a slider around 70-72. i throw submarine NOT sidearm, im right above my ankle right now. my question is this, ive been told that my hips are almost out of the picture when i pitch, ive tried self correcting my self but to no availe. how can i get my hips in to the picture when i pitch with out losing my low arm slot?


It would be useful to see good video of your delivery.

Here is a nice sideview of Brad Ziegler, who does not have as low a release point as you describe…but he is nevertheless a submariner.

As he lands on his stride foot you can see that his hips open up to the plate, followed by delayed opening of his shoulders. This is probably along the lines of what your coach wants you to do.