18 Year old Mechanics

Hey everyone, I am 5’10 and a senior. This is currently how I look. I do not have much of a problem throwing strikes but I do get inconsistent at times. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to get some better footage from a different angle when I get the chance.

I like your acceleration down the mound.
Take a look at your stride direction. You seem to stride more toward the RH batter ’ s box than toward home. It looks like you try to compensate by landing on your heel so the plant foot can rotate toward the target when your hips come around. Try to stride laterally straight down the target line with the outside of your left ankle facing the catcher for as long as possible and land on your entire foot at once with the bottom of your plant foot matching the angle of the mound. Landing on the whole foot will allow your spikes to help transfer energy up the landing leg.

Another focus for you would be to keep your eyes level, head upright, and your spine under your head. Right now your head is laying off to the 1B side. Your body’s way of telling you, “Hey, we need to go this way!” If you combine a straighter stride with a focus on keeping your eyes level through the delivery, you will be more consistent throwing strikes because your alignment will be better.

I will keep those things in mind during my next bullpen, thank you!

Think the head to first base is because you have a lot of shoulder tilt; head clearing out because your arms gotta come through. What would you describe your arm slot to be?

My arm slot is naturally pretty high over the top.

Double post

OK, guessed your answer would be high 3/4’s or over the top. My guess is you’re trying to “get on top” of the ball. Coach Paul’s advising you to keep your eyes on the target or keep your head straight. Very difficult to do if you are over the top. As far as over the top pitchers the one that comes to mind first is Tim Libscomb. Look up some video and think you’ll find his head in a simar position. High 3/4’s for the most part won’t have their head level (cause it’s tilted with the shoulders) but still head is not as far out to first. Personally you look more high 3/4’s than over the top. Might want to consider throwing 3/4’s. Really the shoulders and not the arm slot. Think your stride direction (what coach Paul said) is greatly influenced by the direction of your head’ keeping shoulders level should help. Can still stay on top of the ball without tilting shoulders.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the shoulder and not the arm slot”

It sounds as if the 3/4 slot would be your best bet. Give it a shot and remember about keeping your shoulders level. :slight_smile:

Here’s a good article with illustrations from Dan Blewett that can provide a much better explanation.


Thank you! I think I have a good idea of how to get my shoulders level. I’ll do some work with a towel and when I’m throwing.

Good luck! My son switched from over the top to 3/4’s. Didn’t really see any drop off with velocity but control improved. Was having issues missing or leaving high in the zone, much easier to keep the ball down. Dan Blewett mentions in his article he had to tell the kids to throw sidearm. Instructor had to do the same with my son, not throwing sidearm but feels like it at first. Have to remember to keep your arm out away from your body. Son still wanted to reach up with the ball.

I will try to put up another video after I tinker with my mechanics a little more, thanks again.

Be careful with towels. You don’t really say how you will be using them in this post. Using them to help with release point can lead to getting your throwing elbow ahead of your torso just to hear the snap of the towel. I’d stick to throwing baseballs instead of simulating releases using a towel.

I keep hearing stories of ‘towel drills’ leading to decreased velocity and sore elbows. Use with caution.

I’ve always been taught to use towels as a way to get your arm action together. Are there any safer ways I can do it? Just want to get my shoulders square and a little more 3/4 arm slot.

“Take care of posture - let arm slot happen.”

-Tom House

I agree, let the arm slot happen. I didn’t see any real arm slot issues. Getting upright…aka fixing posture will alter arm slot for you. Your arm action should remain the same.

Getting everything chained / sequenced properly won’t start with a towel that focuses on the very end of the chain.

The sequential rotation /torque of the back side joints are the links in the chain. (ankle>knee>hip>shoulder>elbow>release). Having separation between each so they don’t fire together builds torque and directs energy up the chain.

Is fixing my posture the same as getting my shoulders square to the plate when I am pitching?

Yes. It gets you stacked over your lower half.

Sons instructor tried to use cues to fix his posture; keep head on target, over spine, etc. He tried but didn’t make significant progress until he was told to drop to 3/4’s & level his shoulders. Focusing on posture alone might work for you. For my son focusing on level shoulders and head towards target clicked and solved the posture and stride issue. It is possible to tilt the shoulders and keep head on target with good posture (see Greg Maddux). Just solved issues much easier by getting rid of the tilt.