18 year old mechanics update

made a new video a couple days ago and worked on a few things.

My last pitch felt the best.

If anyone could tell me around how fast I’m throwing, that would be great. I’m currently looking into getting a Bushnell radar gun to track my speed progress.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

and here’s the link. haha

I’m trying to put the video on here, so it’s quicker to view. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for my pitching motion. I’m going to make another video of my mechanics sometime this week, if I have the time, so I will get that up here as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance.

You look smooth, nice and efficient. Look into Lankylefty’s log…you likely want to develop some velo, Lanky worked using SetPro and Paul Nyman uses the concept of “intent”. I would caution though, make completely certain that your conditioning is peaked up and you understand arm care and fitness or you’ll be facing injury at the worst time. Be methodical and measured and don’t try to make 95 the first day…

How fast do you think I could get my velocity up to?

I know genetics play a factor, among many other things, so it’s hard to give an exact number.

My dad thinks that I could end up around 85.

I obviously want to end up faster than that.

If you don’t know or don’t want to say, that’s fine, I’m just curious.

What I think is that you should incrementally increase and let the numbers fall where they do, get one, reinforce the mech with conditioning, move forward, this is the way forward with lowest injury possibilities. Don’t have limit in mind, now DO set goals that are realistic but don’t be limited by them, adjust as things come clear. While focusing on that, be very mindful of the other factors that cannot be left out, you need diet, you need rest, work smart…it’s why I recommend Lankys log, he had a plan, he covered his bases…don’t be him but get a clue from him. A pitcher your size has mid-90’s gas available…in the case of freaks like say a Billy Wagner…the gitty-up gets better, work hard, smart and safe…keep the grades up. Have fun.
Make every pitch count!

thanks for the advice!

i see a late lockout with your throwing arm. In other words you break your hands, pull away, then extend your elbow. This can create timing difficulties. I would try breaking and getting long earlier, but the extension is a muscle contraction that you dont want before you get into the high cocked position. But this is also a difficult thing to change

Would trying to have a more loose arm help with this? I will try to work on this along with the hip/torso separation. I’ll post another video and hopefully I look better. Thanks for the advice! Anything else is greatly welcomed.

Also I make my videos into slow motion. Would that be better for you all to analyze or do you prefer seeing it in full speed?

It’s a bummer I didn’t know that you were in NE Ohio when I was back in Cleveland in September. I’ll be back in… June, or something. Hopefully by then you’ll be throwing 90!

Let me know when you come into town. My travel should be started up and you can observe my growth. I’d crap my pants if I threw 90 haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I live close to Akron, but my games are all over Ohio. That would be tight if you got to see me pitch.

You could give me some first hand advice!

I’ll be in the area forever :stuck_out_tongue: so let me know when you’re up here again!