18 year old mechanics questions

I have a few questions about my pitching motion. I was having trouble getting the video from the side onto my computer, so I just have this one for now. Check out my questions and then my video. Thanks!

Am I opening my hips and shoulders at the same time? Am I breaking my right hand too far down? Is my right hand hitching right before I bring it up? Am I dropping my back need too much? Am I throwing across my body? Am I throwing too far over the top?

Sorry for all the ‘am I’s’ :stuck_out_tongue: Any comments, advice, drills, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (Link Below)

If anyone wants to see me pitching from the side, I can attempt to put it on the internet. Let me know if you want to see it. Thanks in advance for looking at my video!

From what I see in that video you can fix a lot of your mechanical flaws by keeping your head level and in line toward home plate until release of the baseball. to answer one of your questions, I wouldn’t let my knee buckle as much, Tom Seaver got a way with the dip and drive philosophy but most successful pitchers in the major leagues now keep all momentum going toward home plate. When the back knee is dropped to much you are not throwing at your full potential because your energy is going down, not straight forward.

Good luck!

Thanks, I’ll try that! I’ll post another video on here in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I look better.

I agree with TPA about keeping your head upright. The posture shift is probably causing your shoulders to rotate early. I would also suggest moving further to the glove end of the rubber. Since you stride to the throwing arm side, moving to the glove end of the rubber may help minimize the posture shift.

I’d also pay attention to your glove to make sure it gets to a position that’s equal and opposite position with the throwing arm. It’s tough to tell in the above video but it kind of looks like you don’t get there or you turn the glove over too early. A side view would be good to assess this.

In a few weeks, I will put a video from the back and the side. I had one on my phone, but it wouldn’t transfer to my computer. I’ll make a new post with the new link. I found the Windows movie maker on my computer, so I think I will put the two looks together, and make a regular speed one and slow motion one. Thanks for the help!

I made a video today. It felt like I was throwing better, so I posted it on here. If you have problems viewing it our anything. Let me know!

My right hand hitches when I get to the bottom of my hand drop. Is that bad? I’ve been trying to fix it by trying to not fully extend my arm back. I’ve been doing it for a while, so it’ll probably won’t get fixed for a little while. I noticed when I was warming up that I didn’t stride in a straight line, so I was trying to work on that along with keeping my head on a more direct line to home.

Let me know what you think, thanks!

I got the video from the side to load, so here it is.

So I just took a look at your second video. I think your getting decent power from you lower body but can get a lot more by doing one thing much better.
The biggest issue I see that can be an easy fix is to avoid throwing the front glove shoulder down just before release, right after rotation.
This is causing your front shoulder to drop significantly low and changing your natural arm slot (way to high) It’s like a teeter-totter approach. My guess is you’ve had someone tell you, you need to throw over-the-top of the ball and they have misinterpreted what that really means.
One thing that you need to remember when you throw is that your hips rotate before your upper body creating torque; you do a great job getting your hips all the way around, but you lack more velocity because of what your upper body is doing.
Here is a video for you that will help you understand what I’m talking about. Start paying close attention around 1:30

Good luck to you!

Thanks! And my dad has actually been telling me to lower my arm slot for a while and I was having a lot of trouble with it. But what you are saying makes sense. I actually throw a couple of warmups pitches that felt like my arm slot was a lot lower, so I think I just need to get that to be in my motion consistently. Thanks for the help! I’ll post another video in a little bit. Probably not tomorrow like I did with this one. haha :slight_smile: