18 year old mechanics, advice welcome


Here are my mechanics before I head off to college

Here they are from a rear view with a fastball, slider, 2 changeups, and a 2 seam

As a comparison you can look at my channel for old videos[/youtube]


Brady…what are you looking to accomplish? The delivery is compact but looks effective…are you having issues?


Mmmmh I guess I want to get better in every aspect of pitching. If there is one thing I need/want more than anything it would have to be velocity but isn’t that everybody on here? Haha. I see different things myself that I feel I would like to tinker with (arm path, fluidity, shoulder rotation, various other things), but I’m just curious if others have some advice. I’m not having any issues per say, just looking to be the best I can


I cant say for sure, but sometimes it seems there is a pause at foot strike and then the arm goes forcefully forward. Im not saying there is a real pause, but a pause in your rhythm. Do you feel that?


Not sure I’m seeing what you’re seeing… I do see myself quickening up a lot at footstrike and perhaps there is a small pause before hand. I think one habit that has now turned into a problem is my body’s desire to throw like a shortstop or 2b, being deliberately quick and short with my throws, perhaps that might be contributing to the pause you’re seeing. Just to add to that, I used to play quarterback and was taught to throw shorter and quicker. Its a very uphill battle trying to change it. If you could explain your pause comment I’d be very open to listening and looking for it more


“quickening up a lot at footstrike”

Yes this is the pause Im talking about. Its not a smooth transition. This quickening up you do. How do you do it? is it muscleing the arm? Muscling the trunk, abdominals/obliques? Or does it happen naturally at foot strike?

Playing infield does not help your pitching motion, but throwing football can. Forget about the quick and short stuff. They frequently talk in football about not to throw off your back foot. Does it feel similar when you throw a foot ball off you back vs front foot? It should be very different. Watch Payton Manning in the pocket because Im a Broncos fan :stuck_out_tongue: . No… but there is something you can learn from him.


I’d say for the most part it’s muscling the arm. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Are u taking any paid lessons?


Nope, never have


I’d say for the most part it’s muscling the arm. Any ideas on how to fix this?[/quote]

Im still trying to figure it out. And there is so many ways to do it. So many styles and arm slots. And if it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. What i do think is correct is how to throw without using my arm muscle, at least very little. Funny right? But that’s the theory I’m working on.


Nope, never have[/quote]

If I figure it out , can I get paid to teach u ? Lol