18 year old coming off back injury, mechanics evaluation?

Hey everyone,

I’m coming off a back injury that kept me off the mound for almost a year. I"m fully recovered, but this is my first bullpen of the season that I filmed, not my best day.

I pitched in the WI Perfect Game spring league with a 2.84 ERA, so this is ok mechanics? I need some feedback, and I really feel like the keys I’m missing are my lower body usage (not enough at all!) and that I’m not extending my pitching arm out front enough. Like I’m throwing too ‘up and down’ if that makes any sense.

There are slow-mo pitches towards the end, those show the mechanics well, and yes, I land on my ball of my foot not my heel.

Any suggestions/ways to fix this? I’m playing at an instructional camp this summer so I will have time to work on this.


What was the nature of the back injury? Do you have any lingering effects (physical or mental) from the injury?

I stress fractured my L2 vertebrae. Physically I believe I’m fine, my doctor cleared me for everything except hitting (which works out well as a pitcher who will go far in only pitching) and mentally it took a little while to readjust to the mound but I believe that I’m fine especially after my strong showing the the wood bat PG league this spring

Your delivery reminds me of David Cone’s formerly of the Yankees. You don’t ever really transfer your weight back over your back foot when you start your deliver out of the stretch. You essentially stride step - lift and go. I’d like to see you bring your lift leg back more (a modified slide step, or think knee to knee). …

I usually would do a leg kick and pretty high out of the stretch, but then people would run on me and my coach this spring said to pitch more this way…it seemed to work better for people running on me, but I probably lost some velo. any suggestions to speed it up/get weight on my back leg/get out front more?