17 yr old RHP sidearm pitcher with college hopes

I am 17 going into my senior year and I’m looking for colleges to notice me. The last time I was gunned I topped out at 77 after doing an off season 11 week weighted ball program. This summer I played junior legion and dropped my arm angle to the side. I had a little bit more success than straight over top and I can put good movement on all of my pitches. I throw FB, CB, SL, and I’m working hard on developing a good change up. With my FB if I throw a 4 seam it has sink and my 2 seam cuts away from a RHH. My CB breaks sort of like a 1-7 or 2-8 and slider is straight across with a little bit of drop. I am playing in a fall baseball league starting next weekend. My biggest goals this off season is throw harder, improve control, and find a good change up. Any thoughts, tips, ideas, anything is welcome thanks everybody.

I’m curious to know how much velocity you gained from the weighted ball program.

My coach gunned me at 69 mph before I even picked up a weighted ball. After 2 weeks I went up to 70 mph and 3 weeks after that I made the jump to 77 mph.

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I’m curious how you are throwing a cut two seam that moves away from the RHH from the side. That is such a hard thing to do without throwing a full blown sweeping slider. I threw all through college from the side and faced many sidearmers, and never saw one throwing that pitch.

Food for thought on the changeup, the best sidearm changeup I’ve seen is a guy just throwing a three finger fastball. Something to toy with at least.

I wish I could tell you how I make it cut like that but no one seems to able to. No matter what arm angle I throw from, every person I pitch to says I have crazy movement on just my fastball. When I was about 12 I accidentally threw cutters the entire summer and an umpire in a tournament thought I was doing something illegal.

What weighted ball program did you use?

That’s awesome. No better form of flattery than to be accused of cheating (and not be)!

I used the Driveline Baseball 11 week offseason arm care program


That’s pretty good, you increased 8mph in just 5 weeks. The program predicts a 3-5mph increase at the end of the entire 11 week program so you either over achieved or got very lucky, either way good for you.

One of the benefits of throwing overweight balls is it tends to clean up arm action.
Big jumps in a short period of time usually indicate both increasing arm speed (underweight balls) and strength (overweight balls) and improved arm action/mechanical pattern.

I can tell you from experience if you have college hopes, #1 thing is villosity #2 thing is villosity and #3 thing is villosity. My son just having gone through the recruiting process it’s all villosity. My son throws from a low 3/4 arm slot and got ALOT of looks calls text even approached when permissible by NCAA rules at showcases. They will all have interest in kids with a different look but they will leave you with “contact us once you hit a little more villosity”. I actually appreciated the honesty of one scout who told me " if I bring back a kid that throws 90+ and he doesn’t work out I’ve got an out he threw 90 and thought we could work with him, I bring back a kid that throws 80 and he doesn’t work out my boss thinks I’m an idiot and my job is on the line. No matter how good he looked at the time I seen him". It ended up working out for my son at a very good JC school but you need to find a coach who likes the sidearm and will take a chance on you. Good luck to you and keep working on villosity

Not just arm action can be cleaned up by a weighted ball program. Mechanics and timing in general can be cleaned up as the body figures out the best way to chuck a 2lb ball. :wink:

It forces the body to move efficiently.

Have you received any attention already from colleges?

I have not received any attention from colleges. The only invitation I have received from anywhere was an invitation to go to a hitting camp for coast to coast baseball in Florida. From my understanding it was a hitting only showcase this December.

Where are you from? Are you hoping to play in-state? Which level are you hoping for? @sidearmboy

Don’t get down if colleges aren’t clamoring for you.

I attended a handful of showcases and threw very well. I was a tall lanky guy (think 6’3" 165 lbs) that topped out at 86, so I wasn’t exactly standing out to anyone physically. I would leave showcases with great numbers in the scrimmages and tournament games, only to get no calls/letters from programs.

I kind of marketed myself to the schools that I applied to (one DI, one DII, two DIII). Once you apply the coaches are usually willing to hear you out, as that’s a relatively low cost to recruit at that point. The school I ended up choosing did kind of start “recruiting” me once I was on their admissions radar. The assistant coach would call in the evenings and chat me up and things like that.

Unless you are a physical stud, which guys like you and me aren’t, you are not going to get recruiting letters and VIP treatment from colleges you have not even expressed interest in. Accept this, and instead enter with the mindset that, just like everything in life, you are going to have to put in the work and have the patience to succeed.

I ended up setting school records in ERA and appearances, so don’t think being heavily recruited = success or the opposite :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thanks! I am used to working for what I get and not being handed anything so thanks for a bit of hope!

I am from Illinois. I’m not too picky on where I go to college but my current plan is go to juco for 1 or 2 years and introduce myself to college baseball and hopefully by that time I can find a bigger college.

You need to narrow down your college choices, see if they have some baseball camps held at their schools and attend those. That is one way my RHP son got noticed.