17 yr old pitching mechanics, some feedback please


Louis Tiant and Fernando both used to look in the sky during their delivery…I always wanted to ask, whats up there? :shock:
A little unique, but at foot strike it looks like it comes together nicely. Do you have any issues that you feel need be corrected?
My first impression is that your leaving some velocity on the table but you throw plenty hard looks like. One word…well two, momentum and extension. You are collapsing on the front leg, this acts as a brake, don’t want to hit the brakes…must hit the gas 8)

i see the collapse on the front leg, i’ll definetly try to fix that, thanks!

Good point, jd. That front leg is really important.

How’s your time from the stretch? Do you have this high of a leg kick from the stretch? I don’t particularly mind the high leg kick, but there’s no question in my mind that as you advance, your coaches will eventually have you “tighten up” your delivery and eliminate all the moving parts.

I really think you need a bigger dragline from your back foot. You look a bit herky-jerky, too.

Steve, what do you mean by stretch time… as in how long it takes to go from the back to front foot? and the video does show me from the stretch right…

If you’re going from the stretch, then you really have to eliminate the big leg kick, or else runners will steal all day.

He means the time you spend from initiation to it hits the catchers glove, the high kick makes you susceptable to the run game if you don’t deliver under 1.5 secs in HS 1.3 or less in college and beyond.

For the fron leg to not absorb energy or “brake” should it be straightened upon release?

i guess, but then again theres no mound, so i can’t really straighten my leg on impact

First off, you need to come to a set before you pitch. Almost every time you pitch in this video you are balking. Also TAKE YOUR TIME AND FOCUS, you do not need to rush the pitch, you are in control out there