17 yo RHP 6' 1" 170 Back Leg Trouble

Sorry I don’t have a better video. A lot of times when I release I find that my back knee almost comes forward next to my leade leg and my back foot comes off the ground. How bad is this hurting me? How can I fix it? Thanks.

I don’t get your reference, you look smooth to me, on first look…you owe that ump a Christmas card for that first K…wow :shock: I wish my kid could get a PU given that…he’d be at more than 1 per inning no doubt.
I think perhaps you could get some more out of your bottom half but, with a great conditioning regieme this summer and keeping up your work, you’ll be real hard to hit next year.

thanks for the compliments and yeah it was a pretty low strike haha. you can see the leg thing a little bit at 2:20 and the following pitch. i have a video that shows it better but it isnt on youtube; i will try to get it up. I think a better way to phrase my concern is that instead of staying straight and dragging, my back leg sort of comes up and forward before going around on my follow through.

I, like JD, don’t really see an issue with your back leg. A side view would be better to see what the back leg is doing, however.

The majority of the best pitchers in the game drag the back foot and the foot stays down on the ground until ball release. Then, the back foot pops up and moves in a slot similar to your arm slot. If you’re doing these things, then you should be fine.

i’m loading a side angle video right now. i should be able to post it here in about 10-20 minutes. i think part of the issue is that in the video ive already uploaded it was like 40 degrees (first start of the year) and i was coming off a week of rest from arm pain. not trying to make excuses, but i do think the effort i was exerting has something to do with it. the side angle video is a different start where iw as throwing a lot harder.

heres more of a side view. around :40 and really if you pause it at :46 on the third pitch you can see the leg thing. it isnt on every pitch but i do tend to pick my leg up at release.

I guess I can see something with your back leg rotation - it’s possibly overrotating and moving behind your front leg. I’m hesitant to call it an issue because don’t see it causing you any problems and it’s not something I’ve ever dealt with. I’m also not sure if what I’ve described is the same thing that you’re concerned about.