17 yo LHP mechanics


http://photosbymose.smugmug.com/gallery/7381615_2sMGr#475349983_AWmYW (im the first 9)

http://photosbymose.smugmug.com/gallery/7381615_2sMGr#P-2-15 (i think im the second until third to last)

could anyone offer any advice on my mechanics becasue just looking at them in these pictures shows me they suck lol which is probably why im injured right now.
and maybe what i could do to help myself?

any help is greatly appreciated


It’s tough to help from pics… with that being said, is it your front side of your throwing shoulder, or the inner part of your elbow that is injured? If it is neither I wont say what I think may be incorrect with what I see.



its the inner part of my elbow


OK that is one of the areas I expected from what I saw. First and foremost. Get checked by a Doc. I saw your other post after I replied here. Dont be a “tough guy” and pitch through it. I wont say it will lead to never throwing again but it can definitely lead to a hard uphill comeback.

With that being said, what I would change is your glove side arm action.

What I see in pic 4 of 137 (you are the lefty correct) is you leading with your glove to the target. What I would change here is focus on leading with/driving your elbow to the target and your glove pointed toward first base. Upon foot strike, turn your elbow GS elbow down, not out, which will bring your glove in line with your target, help you stay closed and eliminate you flying open with your glove. I would also flex your wrist as you drop your GS elbow, so your GS palm is facing your chest. This will allow the back side of your glove to finish against your right chest as your body come towards your glove…

Why do this? The farther apart you are on the top side (your equal and opposite seperation from GS to TS) the more strain you are putting on your throwing arm. This will also speed up your arm action as well. Think of a figure skater as they are doing their spins. What happens as they bring their arms into their body? They spin faster, because the “lever” shortens.

I am also willing to bet 1000 LTP dollars, that when you miss your target, you miss high and to the left most of the time.

In pic 7 of 137, you can see how your open glove side has now caused your head to to come out of alignment with your belly button to compensate for your glove side being open. If you can get your glove side to stay closed and stabilize out front, I bet everything else will come back into alignment.



you would win the 1000 dollars lol that does happen. i also fall off the mound very bad sometimes but idk if that has anything to do with it


Yes it does have something to do with it. Your center of gravity is off to your right, since your head is to the right of your belly button, due to your open glove side, your momentum is going to cause you to fall off.

Work on changing your glove side arm action and I firmly believe this will correct the other issues, including the sore elbow.

This will feel funny for a while. Something I wasn’t very clear on earlier. When I said your glove faces 1st base. When you lead with your elbow, your forearm bends 90 degrees to allow your glove to point to first.

I too am left handed, and had some soreness in my inner elbow. I used to point my glove at the target too. Once I made these changes it made all the difference in the world.

I sure hope this helps Travis.



His stride is open as well. He is right of the centerline in the pictures. Landing more center might help with the head alignment and the falling off the mound as well.


I would agree with what Scottster had to say in regards to flying open. That is likely what is causing the pain. His description of glove side action is good as well although a little bit to style specific for my taste. I do think that fixing the front side will probably help with falling off the mound, but I would add one more element. I think that staying on line to the target can be a psychological fix as well as mechanical. I really think you need to mentally commit to keeping everything on line and feel your head and chest moving toward the glove at release and make sure that release is happening as far out front as possible. Closing the glove side as Scottster described will definately help with this as well. Closing that elbow helps close the shoulder as well and gets everything directed in the right direction.


are there any drills that might help with this?


I can’t understand how anyone could make any worthwhile judgments by just looking at stills.


You need to have some video to really see what is going on.


yea i was about to get some videos taken of me but then i got hurt :confused: once i get back ill get some up as soon as possible